1. dragonblogger

    2014 Razer Blade

    Anyone have the new 2014 Razer Blade and what do you think of it? I am talking about the one with 3200x1800 resolution and touch screen. My wife bought me one as a Christmas present and it should arrive tomorrow, so any recommendations, tips or things I should do with it when it arrives?
  2. Smiki007

    Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD

    Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD - The Next Evolution of Extreme Storage Phoenix Blade PCIe SSD
  3. TeeBlack

    [How To] Delid your Ivy Bridge CPU with out a Razor Blade?

    Nevermind.........delete this post!
  4. Skyguy

    Enermax Apollish

    Looking for a unique case fan? Something flashy, something bold, something quality, but it also has to be functionally adept and keep your case cool while looking sharp? Ah, well today we may have just the thing for you. Enermax, primarily known for their power supplies, has in fact released a...
  5. Skyguy

    OCZ Blade 6GB DDR3-2000

    Today we’ll be looking at such a set of memory modules, the OCZ Blade Series 6GB kit of DDR3-2000 modules, which are currently one of OCZ’s most expensive offerings to date, with a sleek new design for the heatspreaders to boot. Come on, we must insist on great looking aesthetics if we are...