1. Mystikhol9

    Black Friday - 390 or 2nd 380?

    With black friday coming I'm making my list of parts to get. After the cpu, (amd 8350), I am looking at getting a 2nd Sapphire R9 380 or would it be better to get the 390? Also, Sapphire updated their 380 with a slightly higher clock and a backplate. If the budget only has room for the 380...
  2. Smiki007

    ASUS Rampage V Extreme Black Edition

    I'm wondering will ASUS ever launch the RVE BE. I think that would be a great move.
  3. Gu3

    Black and Red....a half-#$%! work log... it is, my "sorta" worklog for the assembly of Black and yet un-named, for a co-worker (Frank). My parts List is here: Intel Core i7-4790K, MSI GeForce GTX 970, Thermaltake Core V51 - System Build - PCPartPicker And the original thread including discussion of my parts is...
  4. J

    Titan Black Overclock Help/advice

    Hello everyone I'm new on here, haven't posted before, so hello to one ​and all, I'm here to learn and hopefully be able to help new people to overclocking like myself one day. I've been researching now for the past few months with regards to an overclocking problem I'm encountering wth my...
  5. TeeBlack

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 trailer

    looks interesting. i wonder how it compares to Advanced Warfare?
  6. T

    290x black screen?

    This is a problem that usually only happens once a day, but super annoying. I did google the problem and found alot of people sayings its a heat problem. But this happens even at stock clocks so im not sure? Basically my problem is every once in a while playing games. My screen just goes black...
  7. joshjaks

    Blue & Black Dress Theory

    Hey guys, I stumbled on an idea that I thought could be good theory on this whole dress thing. Really, the whole thing is kind of ridiculous but hey, I'm a problem solver. Either way, let me know if you think I'm on to something or full of crap. :rofl:
  8. Gu3

    Black and Red - For a Co-Worker

    All, Starting a new build for a co-worker. Duties: Light Gaming (World of Tanks, some Car Racing Sims), web surfing. Probably some racing software (for tuning his race cars). Pre-existing Hardware: Dual Monitors (maybe, they need evaluation, but he'd like to keep them). Budget: Well. Not...
  9. Gu3

    M6e Black Edition

    M6e-BK I think Dark Matter needs an SSD Upgrade! I am puzzled why they called a SSD with a big red heat sink the "Black Edition"...almost perfect. The PCB is black, the shield is black...the heat sink is Red. LOL. Scott
  10. N

    Help Please PURE Black 990FX Motherboard

  11. T

    New GPU, Black screen after update. Help

    i decided to update my old 7850's to some new 7970's I... 1) uninstalled old drivers 2) took cards out 3) put new cards in 4) put hdmi cable in TOP 7970 5) downloaded and installed new drivers 6) rebooted pc and i got the windows loading screen, then when booting to destop the screen goes...
  12. automaton

    boot wierdness startup halting at bios boot point black screen in between boot

    when booting up 2x I have gotten a stall then after hang it resumes also since 750 ti videocard when starting up I get a black screen before and after windows starts HELP?:nutkick:
  13. xelosia

    ASUS ROG MATRIX R9 290X Platinum Graphics Card Pictured – Black Heatsink and Powerful

    ASUS ROG MATRIX R9 290X Platinum Graphics Card Pictured - Black Heatsink and Powerful 14 Phase VRM
  14. TeeBlack

    Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis. New line of Radiators.

    Source: HOME
  15. TeeBlack

    NVIDIA’s Black Edition Titan & GTX 790 Coming Soon?

    NVIDIA's Black Edition Titan & GTX 790 Coming Soon? - Tech of Tomorrow
  16. Shell_Shock

    WD Black Squared Review

    I would really like to get my hands on one of these for my Laptop to Run Linux on, and it would be amazing if somebody could get one for review and let us all know the pros and cons of it, I don't wanna drop $300 on a peice of junk :rofl: - WD Black² Dual Drive 2.5" 120 GB SSD + 1 TB...
  17. TheSurroundGamer

    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on a Triple-Monitor Setup!

    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Nvidia Surround - GTX 670 3-Way SLI: Fun game with great controls and decent graphics, however, suffers from annoying black bars on the top and bottom of 16:10 displays. Would like to find a fix if possible?
  18. aryan51

    black friday deals

    hi guys I am looking for the best laptop deal it has to have windows 8 and at lest ddr 3 8gb i7 I live in Canada so I do not get to see most of the deals
  19. TeeBlack

    Phobya Black Owl case

    Phobya unveils the Black Owl, a new premium watercooling case | TweakTown
  20. JamesLT3

    Asus Rampage IV Black Edition

    Though not to be confused with the previous (non-real product) Rampage IV Extreme in black, the official Rampage IV Black Edition is a whole new product you can buy with a full stack of 2013 ROG innovations: Ivy Bridge-E optimized design The only ROG with an all-black color-scheme. SupremeFX...