1. AverageNinja

    What beverage do you particularly enjoy?

    Basically as the title says, what beverage do you enjoy? For me: Non-alcoholic: Coca Cola, Coffee, Tea (English Blend mainly), Mtn. Dew (regular and voltage) Alcoholic: Bacardi Cola, (wheat)Beer (favourite brands: wheat: Wieckse Witte, regular: Palm), Apple Cider, Uncle Jacky D Looking forward...
  2. Skyguy

    PureOC's Inaugural Free Giveaway

    What better way to kick off the week than announcing PureOC's inaugural free giveaway, the very first of our new competitions. That's right, we've spent long enough deciding on the prize and fine details that we're ready to make things official. This being our first contest, all you have to do...