1. D

    XMP resulted in no real performance gain in Benchmarking

    So I have the Triple Channel setup of DDR3-1600 memory and like most I caught on to the fact that it was only running at 1066. So Long story short I switched my BIOS to XMP Mode which ups both the Memory and slightly oc's the CPU to keep everything in sync. Oddly, I benchmarked using both the...
  2. Nobody

    i7 950 Overclocking

    So I have a i7 950 on my Asus Rampage II Extreme, and overclocked it from 3.07 to 3.87. I'm not sure how stabile it is, and I want to test it with some programs. I would also love to hear others settings for this cpu, or alternatively the 920. And please give an informative list of everything...
  3. bullydog

    NVIDIA GTX 480 makes benchmarking debut, matches ATI HD 5870 performance (video)

    We're still not happy with NVIDIA's failure to publish anything on its site alerting users about the doom that may befall them if they switched to the 196.75 drivers, but the company's making an effort to get back into our good books with the first official video of its forthcoming GeForce...