1. windwithme

    Exceptional and Detachable Batteries - AORUS 5 Gaming Laptop Unboxing

    AORUS 5 video: For the past two years, major laptop brands have invested significant resources in developing their gaming product lines, The majority of mid to high-end laptops are gaming products, with the rest used for content creation. As GIGABYTE’s gaming brand, AORUS accounts for most of...
  2. P

    LiPo Batteries in RC Cars

    Does anyone use LiPo batteries in an RC car? If so do you know if two 2s LiPo batteries connected in either series or parallel (not sure which, thus why I am asking) would act as a single 4s battery?
  3. Skyguy

    Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless

    The Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless is a gorgeous wireless keyboard with a brushed aluminum finish that offers excellent functionality and comfort for consumers looking for something to use with their HTPC. With some very unique features, this keyboard is a real treat. Click HERE for the full...