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  1. Deton

    ATI CCC 8.11 Released

    Ati card owners; any experiences feed back on this new release?
  2. W

    Asus 4870 6 Pin Connector

    Heyy guyss.... well i see that the Asus 4870 uses Two 6 pin connectors, do i have to connect two 6 pins connector for it to work?, or can i just insert 1 6 pin connector. I'm not suree if the Antec Neopower Blue 650w, is compatible with this graphics card, soo please replyy. Oh btw, the...
  3. News Team

    AMD, Nvidia fight over next-gen launch dates

    Numerous reports have surfaced indicating that the RV770 will launch on June 16th, while Nvidia's GT200 is slated for the 18th. Read the full story here...