1. A

    1st Build Complete Noob - Advice/Help Appreciated

    Background: Xbox One & PS4 launched with their amazing new games, graphics, etc. I have an old PS3 which is one of those big bricks, got it when it first came out. Just got my little cousin a PS3 as they were cheaper then the 4's and it looked much nicer, was faster and had more space than my...
  2. I

    E 8400 3.00GHz to 3.6 on Asus P5K-SE. Help appreciated.

    Hello i am new to the forums, im interested in overclocking my E8400 from 3.00 GHz to 3.6 on ASUS P5K-SE motherboard. How can i do that exactly? Any help appreciated. My PC specs are visible in my profile feel free to check for any questions , thank you.
  3. Quicksilver7714

    First build parts list. Tips and sales are appreciated.

    GrumpyDaddy said I should post up a parts list of my build so the members here can offer better help in choosing items to fit my needs. Any sales on items I'm looking for would be greatly appreciated. What I plan on using this computer for: 1. Mostly gaming. While I like to game I prefer...
  4. H

    I7-860 Overclock to 3.8 first timer. any advice greatly appreciated.

    I normally have my CPU set on stock volts with turbo on to 3.5. This is my first attempt at a real overclock without turbo, 3.8 I figure this is a good starting point before trying to get 4.0 and possibly above if i man up and go water cooled. I have listed as much information as i can...
  5. andreass

    Phantom 590

    Hey again! Got the rest of the parts today and have started putting things in. However I got a question about the cooler. Where exactly should I put the power cable from the pump? The manual says that I should put it in the CPU fan header. However that is 4-pin and the cable from the pump is...
  6. andreass

    New build. First time building. Feedback appreciated!

    Hey! First post. But I've been looking around on the forum for quite some time. I've put together some components that I think will work quite nicely, but I would really like some feedback. And as this is my first time actually building the setup myself, any tips would be very welcome. I...