1. Doctor_Death

    Swiftech Apogee Drive 2 memory clearance

    As promised, I took a couple of photos of the Swiftech Apogee Drive 2 with different fittings all the way up to 3/4" so we could see if there was a clearance issue between the fittings and the memory modules. I used a 16GB kit of Kingston 2400MHz, and the ASRock Z77 Extreme6 motherboard, and I'm...
  2. L

    Apogee Drive II with Integrated Pump

  3. Skyguy

    Swiftech Apogee HD

    The new Swiftech flagship CPU water block is intended to offer the competitive edge: more innovative features enthusiast users want at an affordable price. Let’s find out if Swiftech has met its goal and reclaimed its place as the top water block on the market. Click...
  4. TImmy

    swifttech apogee xt rev 2 block for AM3+

    When reading the directions for the swifttech apogee XT rev 2 it says it is critical to line up the side with the 3 screws must be parallel with the cpu locking lever. But with the adapter kit for AMD and intel 771 kit it is not mentioned also there is no way for this to happen due to the design...
  5. bullydog

    User Photos of Apogee HD

    So I just got my Swiftech Apogee HD and quickly over the weekend took apart my loop, drained out the coolant and replaced my CPU waterblock with the new Swiftech Apogee HD, just some photos for you to enjoy;)
  6. Solara2xb

    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 + AMD 1090T + Swiftech Apogee HD Waterblock 3.8ghz Stable

    Hey Guys, So I finally installed the new Swiftech Apogee HD block in my Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 with the AMD 1090T OC to 3.8ghz stable with CPU temps MAX at 23c with prime running for 5 hours. I previously had this rig with the Corsair H100 and at 3.6ghz OC I would get up to 35c at full load with...
  7. bullydog

    Swiftech Apogee HD CPU Waterblock - Black

    just saw the new Swiftech Apogee HD, wondering about its performance according to the description flow rate has been improved and the most impressive thing about it is the 2 inlet ports making a total of 4 ports on a single waterblock? :shrug: Are we getting one for review? It looks like im...
  8. L

    Swiftech serves up the Apogee HD LGA2011

  9. Deton

    Swiftech New Apogee GTZ

    It's coming soon........http://www.swiftech.com/assets/images/products/apogee%20gtz/apogeeGTZ-x400.jpg can't wait to see the review and results comparison with the GTX. Update: It is here, you can find our own review by click this link http://www.pureoverclock.com/article655.html