1. windwithme

    MSI GE62 Heroes Edition with UHD 4K display and GTX970M graphics analysis

    During the past 2 years, laptops positioning as Gaming products became almost major brands on a battleground. Along with PC gaming having global prevalence, gaming products also possesses a very important position on the notebook market. Dell considered an early-entry gaming brand, however MSI...
  2. Drdeath

    AMD Catalyst 12.11 Performance Analysis

    AMD Catalyst 12.11 Performance Analysis Review | techPowerUp After exhaustive testing of AMD's new Catalyst 12.11 driver, we can confirm that it brings significant performance improvements with every single game we tested. The differences vary by game. The highlights were Battlefield 3...
  3. windwithme

    Overclocking Analysis of the Gold-ThemedECS Z77H2-A2X Motherboard

    Overclocking Analysis of the Gold-Themed ECS Z77H2-A2X Motherboard Intel has just launched the Ivy Bridge platform, and the price seems to be positioned in middle to high range of the desktop market. The high-end Z77 Ivy Bridge chipset has also become the main objective for performance among...
  4. L

    DDR3 Memory Performance Analysis on Intel X79

    Full Article:
  5. windwithme

    AMD Llano APU OC instruction - BIOSTAR TA75A+ complete analysis

    In early July, AMD released a new platform with FM1 pin grid array, which supports the CPU and adopts an updated APU technology. It has updated its own architecture and integrated a GPU with higher performance into the CPU. For users who support the reasonably-priced AMD, this is definitely...
  6. Skyguy

    Phenom II vs Core i7: Overclocking Value Comparison

    When we recently took an in-depth look at gaming performance and corresponding value in our Phenom II vs Core i7 Gaming Value article, it became very apparent that the fanboys on either side of the fence had much to say about the results, leading to some very spirited debate. After carefully...