1. R

    Need advice: screen mirroring

    Hello guys, I’m here to get a suggestion to share and play slides and videos like screen mirroring. I’m planning this for an event that is going to be held at our college and I need to share those in the audience’s phone. The screen on which we display is not visible to the back end even while...
  2. superguy

    please advice: avoid hacking and phishing

    Hi all, My friend and I are planning to start a computer internet service with a small travel agency. I found a blog ( when I searched about the security precautions needed for our business. Need expert advice to...
  3. joshjaks

    "Hound" Advice: Best wireless Routers

    Hey guys, I just started a new series called Hound Advice on my channel. I want to get some feedback and see how this is going. My first project was tackling Wireless routers and giving some general advice on that. Hope my info helps because I know it was pretty hard to find these conclusions...
  4. R

    M.2 (NGFF) SSD Advice

    Could someone please give me a bit of advice on which M.2 (NGFF) Type 2260 SSD card to buy for my ROG mPCIe Combo III add on which came with my Maximus VII Formula M/B. There doesn't seem to be many 2260 cards and I have no idea which make to go for. Any help would be most helpful. Thanks.....Ron.
  5. joshjaks

    XaaS, advice in getting started

    Hey Guys, I might be running across an opportunity to manage a server set up with my ISP to start offering certain cloud services. While I have a pretty good grasp on the hardware side of things, my primary experience lies with Windows Server and I've obviously never started anything this big...
  6. C

    Case size for Watercooling, and general Loop Advice

    Hello Everyone, Long time lurker, and long time overclocker here. A bit of background, I've been tuning my PC for a while, but have always stuck to big air, or more recently an AIO loop. I have the opportunity to pick up some quality parts from a custom loop my friend no longer uses at a...
  7. alan1476

    Fractal Define R5 W Titanium - Need advice

    Fractal Design Define R5 FD CA Def R5 TI w Titanium Computer Case | eBay Okay here is the story, I am hoping to have a new build by the end of the summer, I am getting help from a good friend because I cannot build anymore with my arthritis in my hands. I wanted to use the case above because...
  8. T

    New bulid advice

    Greetings all I am planning on doing my first build in the spring. After doing some research I have selected the following components: ASUS Z97-A LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Core i5-4690K Devil's Canyon Quad-Core 3.5GHz LGA 1150 Desktop Processor...
  9. R

    Advice cooling 2nd GPU

    I bought my 2nd GPU, since 1 won't handle my current configuration since buying my 4K monitor, but the EVGA part number is slightly different, by 1 number, from my current GPU (currently have an EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Superclocked 3GB GPU with a full EK waterblock and backplate). The card I...
  10. N

    Psu power requiered advice

    Hi, Ill go straight to the point. My planned spec are as follow I5 4690k Asus mitx Z97i plus 8 gig corsaire vangence c9 840 evo 250gig 1t western digital blue 7200 rpm Asus mini itx 970 gpu Corsair air 240 case Corsair h100i or else you could advise me So i was looking at corsair hx...
  11. R

    Advice for new WC Setup

    Hi guys, building a new rig and needed some advice on the WC setup. Going to go with a XSPC D5(s) res kit, with either a bay or tube setup. What would be the biggest rad I could go with in the top of my Stryker case, an AX240 or a RX240? Will be WC the CPU and maybe the GPU (in the near...
  12. S

    Need Advice Please!! (Project)

    Hello all, I'm a newbie to the forum, but not the hobby. I won't go in and bore you all with my old PC modding days way back when. However, I am in a bit of a dilemma on which direction to go with my new water cooling setup. PC Specs: Processor: Intel i7 4790K <br>Motherboard: Asus Z97 Deluxe...
  13. joshjaks

    Looking for advice on cooling solution

    Here's the deal. I'm looking to have around $100 to spend (not cash, otherwise I'd save it) for some work I'm doing. I want to upgrade to liquid cooling and if I could, I would go with a custom loop but from what I generally see, I would have to plan around $300 to do that. So for starters, I...
  14. turbobooster

    need advice please

    Hello guys, first of i now my quastion has nothing to do with overclocking, but i really could need some advice. I have the system shown in my sig, but i can sell it for a good price, now my friend has a nice pc also, but at the moment there is only 4gb memory in it, do you guys think its a...
  15. D

    advice on o'clocking this i7 extreme

    hi guys, came across this website while looking and reading on how to overclock my I7 extreme 975 bloomfield DO ( or whatever its called ) 3.33ghz processor - ARK | Intel® Core? i7-975 Processor Extreme Edition (8M Cache, 3.33 GHz, 6.40 GT/s Intel® QPI) im using this motherboard currently -...
  16. turbobooster

    need memory advice please.

    Hello guys i have a quastion, hope sombody can help me. i have a bit older memory, namely ocz xtc platinum ocz3p1600lv2g. the amount is 3x2 gb. now comes my quastion, according to cpu-z is the max bandwith pc3-8500f (533mhz), and running at 1.50v that would by 1066 and thats what it runs on...
  17. S

    Need advice on parts for new cheapish PC purchase ASAP

    *post deleted by user*
  18. Mystikhol9

    Need some Sound advice -

    Hello PUREOC! Over the holidays I upgraded the core parts of my system, the specs on the side are current, now I'm looking ahead for the sound and screen. The monitor most likely will be a 24" from ASUS. Speakers will be Logitech Z623. For the sound card I'm looking for something that isn't...
  19. joshjaks

    Need some study advice

    Hey guys, I could use some advice for trying to get A+ certified. Me and a friend at work are studying to get certified for a raise at work. We decided to make study guides for each other and test each other. I finished chapter one, had 14 questions, and thought I had a pretty good overview. He...
  20. S

    Greetings and help! New to forum, need advice on computer build

    Hi to all. I am new to this site and recently re-introducing myself to forums and the world of computers. I have little knowledge but am keen to delve into a build of sorts. The computer in question is a running X6 1090T on a Gigabyte GA-880G-UDH3 fully operational but with cheap PSU, case, no...