1. calemus

    adobe flash invading your rights and privacy

    just spreading the word FlashPlayerPlugin_11_8_800_94.exe is being installed from Adobe - Install Adobe Flash Player it will NOT alow you to stop it from recording what you are doing, your microphone, and your video camera, storing data it records, or shutting down from task manager. even if...
  2. clarizza

    GTX 560 TI or GTX 580 3gb or GTX 680 4gb for adobe cs5.5 and cs6

    I really need help on what to choose. I use after effects and premiere pro cs 5.5 and cs 6 once stable, i dont play games. I have been reading this article. Adobe Premiere CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 Video Cards with CUDA Acceleration Mercury Playback Unlock Enable MPE Hack Mod Tip for premier pro...
  3. C

    Adobe Flash and Browsers

    I am running Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I have IE 9 for 32 and 64bit with latest updates. I have Firefox 12. I have Shockwave Flash, NoScript 2.3.8, MediaPlayer for Firefox Plugin I have been over the last 2 weeks having to install/re-install Flash multiple times...
  4. shattered.likeness

    Suggestions on best price vs. performance GPU [nvidia]

    Ok, after doing quite a bit of research into Adobe's upcoming Creative Suite 5 (due for release in April), I am looking to upgrade my graphics cards to support the direction that Adobe has taken. For CS5, Adobe has given the market over to nvidia's CUDA enabled GPU's. (Source) So, with this...