1. HyperactiveSloth

    Poker chip case turned into a micro PC case?

    For some unknown reason while I was searching for a carrying handle to mount to my current project I came across this in the search results (random, huh?) and had a crazy idea of wondering if I could turn it into a PC case... literally. On second look, it's actually TINY compared to most cases...
  2. T

    Project "AcryCon" Acrylic HPTX Casecon

    Hello Folks, I wanted to introduce you my project but first of all a huge thanks to this guys, you're awesome. Thanks to Mundi Valur from Icemodz, for providing me with high quality cables, LEDS, cable management and other stuff. Thanks to Andreas Klassen from Aquatuning, for providing me...
  3. Doctor_Death

    New site for buying Specialty Acrylic

    I found this place this afternoon, that carry's all kind and colors of Specialty Acrylic Specialty Plexiglas Hope this helps some one find what they need for their next build.
  4. Primochill

    PrimoChilll Rigid Acrylic Tube System Introduction

    PrimoChill is once again helping performance enthusiasts, case modders, and those in search of the “Next Best” thing in watercooling. PrimoChill 1/2" Rigid Acrylic Tube & New Innovative Rigid Compression Fittings are one step further in the evolution of computer watercooling enabling the...
  5. Skyguy

    Danger Den Black Series Tower 21

    Danger Den is one company that customizes in acrylic cases to suit various needs and aesthetic preferences. And today we're looking at the Black Series Tower 21, a full tower clear case that seeks to make a big impression. Want a new water cooling setup? Want some unique styling? Read on, the...
  6. Skyguy

    Danger Den Summit GPU Water Block

    Today we’re going to focus on the new Danger Den Summit full coverage water block for ATI Radeon HD5800 series cards, specifically for the 5870 in this instance. This full cover block cooling has its core design based on the popular Maze blocks. Is the Summit is another winning block...
  7. Skyguy

    Smooth Creations LanShark

    If you are one to appreciate the difference between a computer case and a computer CASE........or if you're a dreamer that likes to just look at pretty and shiny things, then today we have something just for you: a Smooth Creations computer system. Click HERE for more.