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    Need help getting to 1866

    So i called EVGA earlier in the day and they said maybe a future bios update will help... But anyways here we go Evga X58 mobo with the latest bios SZ1C i7 965 at stock speeds for now, 12gb total of Corsair TR3X6G1866C9DF @ 1.65v 3 9800GTX's waiting to see what else comes out of Nvidia, and...
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    Never buy an ASUS 9800GTX+ card

    Ok, I am from Perth Australia and on the first of october I bought a new graphics card (ASUS 9800GTX+) from PLE I also had to upgrade to a 650W power supply just to power the darn thing... Anyways I get home and after screwing around a lot with the huge card trying to get it in, and switching...