1. turbobooster

    is this oke for a i7 975.

    Hello guys i dont now much about overclocking a 1366 socket system, but today i tested the max Multi of my cpu. i dident make any changes just up the Multi at 35x133 (4.67ghz) and it diddent work. Multi 34x133 (4.5ghz) yep no problem. is this oke for a i7 975???? the only settings that where...
  2. sickpuppy

    AMD Phenom II X4 975 Black Edition or AMD FX-4100 Zambezi

    What chip will be better for games? Both are 4 core 3.6's. im putting it on a asrock 990fx board, if that matters.
  3. Deton

    Core i7 OC Temperature Table

    To view the table click on the link http://forums.pureoverclock.com/showpost.php?p=26905&postcount=10