1. Gatsu

    oc old xfx amd radeon hd 5670

    Ok so, i keep things short and streight to the point: I have an xfx hd 5670 of 1gb gddr5. I removed the decorative plastic: And from having 50 and 90 on full load.. pass to have 33 to 55 in full load (of course also cleaned it all) (if to lazy to read, pls, just check my 4 questions at the...
  2. Skyguy

    Gelid Solutions Silent Spirit

    Powerhouse CPU coolers may be all the rage these days in the quest for performance supremacy, but there is a distinct need and interest in the market for smaller and more compact coolers that can still get the job done effectively and inexpensively. And that is part of the key distinction here...