1. TeeBlack

    7850 or 6850 crossfire?

    well im looking to upgrade my monitor soon to something 1080p and wondering should i add a 2nd 6850 and just get a 7850?
  2. C

    HD 6850 Crossfire issue

    So I now have two 6850's crossfired, but I have an issue when playing battlefield bad company 2. First, the mouse lag isn't horrible, but enough to annoy me. Whenever there's smoke I lag like hell. Is this just the game or is this an issue with crossfire? Thanks homies!
  3. A

    Hooking up my Dynex 32 inch dxl 32 10 a to Radeon 6850 hd

    I bought this gpu to do a tripple monitor setup and each time I have tried this I have failed... Hooking it up through the hdmi port freezes my computer. Is there anyway to make this work without the computer freezing?
  4. C

    HD 6850 screen goes black, freezes pc

    Does anyone know what this means? Maybe new thermal grease? At stock clocks it's doing this. Every now and then it freezes my system completely, but usually the screen just goes black and I can ctrl+alt+del and end the process. Only game I play is BF3. I am thinking I should RMA.
  5. F

    Problems Flashing 6850's

    I'm trying to flash my Vision**** 6850's with some new BIOS to try and bump up the voltage. They are water-cooled, and I can support the increased heat load. Now, I cannot but up the voltage via software because this is a non-ref board. The CHiL chip is not there. Hell, even the mosfets are...
  6. aryan51


    my bro is looking to buy a 2nd 5850 wich one is the best!!!
  7. Skyguy

    Sapphire 6850 Vapor-X

    Today we are looking at the replacement for the original HD 5770: the Sapphire Radeon HD6850 Vapor-X. This card sports Sapphire's non-reference heatsink, black diamond chokes and 10-Phase power design, and looks to bring some robust gaming horsepower at lower temperatures with the popular...
  8. L

    ColorFire Xstorm HD 6850 X2 4GB

  9. Skyguy

    HIS 6850 IceQ X Turbo 2GB

    One of HIS's popular designs is the IceQ heatsink, and today we're specifically looking at the 6850 IceQ X Turbo version. It's modest-sized graphics card, complete with a unique translucent shroud and sleek nickel-plated heatpipes to lower temperatures and noise levels. But is it a good card...
  10. Solara2xb

    Sapphire 6850 Water Blocks

    Hi Sapphire Team, Thanks again for supporting Pure OC and its members. I recently won the Sapphire HD6850 GPU card and would like to know if this GPU has the Ref. Design for the water blocks on the market? I have searched the web and have found some cards having compatibility issues. I am...
  11. Skyguy

    ASUS Radeon EAH6850 DirectCU

    We've seen quite a few graphics cards from ASUS and we've come to expect big things from from them, and their new EAH6850 DirectCU is no different. This card has a non-reference heatsink and touts some excellent overclocking headroom with voltage tweaking capabilities. The overclocking is so...
  12. Skyguy

    Gigabyte Radeon 6850 1GB

    The Gigabyte Radeon 6850 sports a non-reference heatsink and comes with a small factory overclock, looking to bring some strong gaming horsepower in what is a rather diminutive card compared to some of the behemoths we've seen in the past. Sounds tempting. Let's take a close look at the Gigabyte...
  13. Skyguy

    Sapphire Radeon 6850 1GB

    The newest generation DX11 cards are upon us, and the Sapphire Radeon 6850 1GB sports a non-reference heatsink and boasts some strong gaming horsepower in what is a rather diminutive card compared to some of the behemoths we've seen in the past. Sounds tempting. Let's take a close look at the...