1. F

    Kingston HyperX DataTraveler 64GB Review

    I bring to you my Kingston HyperX USB3.0 DataTraveler 64gb review, I received this so I thought Hey why not toss a review up and see how it performs, as I know that's what everyone does when they receive something new, They test it and make sure it works properly! So to start off, Lets get the...
  2. Skyguy

    Patriot XPorter Magnum 64GB

    Oftentimes we want big and we want small at the same time. Funny how that works. Huge storage capacity in a small form factor is a combination we love. Well, today we're looking at the Patriot Magnum 64GB flash drive, a product that can store a beastly amount of information in a small...
  3. Skyguy

    Kingston DataTraveler 64GB

    Today we're looking at the Kingston DataTraveler 64GB flash drive, and to prove or dispel the notion that high capacity drives are slow, we're going to pit it against a popular and fast, smaller capacity flash drive. Inspired by Newton's proof that heavier objects do not fall faster to the...