1. S

    Pleas help to OC my MSI 5830 twin frorz II

    I watched this review http://www.pureoverclock.com/review.php?id=949&page=14 and tried to overclock my MSI 5830 but was unsuccessful, because 840/1120 MHz was the maximum that I could be reached. I tried the MSI Afterburner to increase the voltage but does not change. Someone could help me with...
  2. Skyguy

    Sapphire 5830 and 5850 Xtreme

    Yes, you read the review title correctly. But no, this isn't a review of two older graphics card models originally released a year ago. The Sapphire 5830 and 5850 Xtreme are actually two "new" graphics cards. More precisely, these are two previous-generation graphics cards that have been...
  3. Skyguy

    MSI 5830 Twin Frozr II 1GB

    Overclocking a graphics card can be a bit daunting, as the returns typically aren't much worthwhile. But we have an exception today: the MSI 5830 Twin Frozr II 1GB. MSI has taken the 5830, installed a custom heatsink with heatpipes and dual fans, used some military-grade components in its...
  4. Skyguy

    Sapphire Radeon HD5830 1GB

    Between ATI's Radeon HD5850 and HD5770 is a gap in terms of performance and price in their lineup. Looking to close that gap is the Radeon HD5830. Sounds pretty simple, but there is a catch. The catch here is the 5830 isn't a new card, not at least in the traditional sense. Instead, ATI...
  5. Skyguy

    PowerColor PCS+ 5830 1GB

    Between the Radeon HD5850 and HD5770, there exists a large gap both in terms of performance and price in ATI's lineup. Quite simply, the Radeon HD5830 is designed to fill that gap. PowerColor has taken the reference 5830, slapped on a custom heatsink, given it a mild factory overclock and a...