1. L

    4-Way SLI on GeForce GTX 780

    Simple INF Modification Enables 4-Way SLI on GeForce GTX 780 - Titan Records In Sight?
  2. windwithme

    A High-end X79 Equipped with SAS and 4Way SLI - An OC Test of the ECS X79R-AX

    Three Intel CPUs with the Sandy Bridge-E architecture have appeared on the market at different prices At the end of last year, two CPUs, the i7-3930K 6C12T Core and the 3960X, were released at the same time with the X79 chipset More recently, the Core i7-3820 was launched as the third CPU...
  3. windwithme

    Super Potency of Intel Corei7-980X 32nm 6Cores match EVGA X58 4WAY

    In the remembrance, the Core 2 Duo double-core processor was just announced by Intel at the Grand-Hotel in July 2006. After around a half-year later, Intel started Quad-Core era, which was following Core 2 Due structure to make Core 2 Quad CPU. After that, Intel launched Core i7 to enhance...