1. TeeBlack

    where are all the 480 thick rads?

    cant find any. it's like they are sold out everywhere! smh.....mainly looking for an Alphacool UT60 480 or EK XTX 480
  2. bullydog

    [Worklog] Corsair 800D + Airplex Modularity 480

    Hello everyone, So i have been participating less these days due to work and at the same time working hard on finding a new home for my system. For those who have seen my previous worklog knows that i have been using the TJ07 murdermod setup for awhile now, something like 3years + or maybe 4. I...
  3. Kung Pow

    Examining my 480 Raditaor

    Ok I called Koolance yesterday, explained what happened and they told me to RMA. I have now taken my loop apart and noticed something: 1.)The rad is just making weird scratchy/queeky sounds when I touch it, I think that I accidentally stripped the threads when fastening the rad, due to...
  4. bullydog

    Just bought Aqua computing 480 Rad

    Finally ordered the Aqua computing, and so looking forward to its arrival:wub: Not sure why they have 2 versions Single Circuit and dual circuit, although the specifications of both are exactly the same in terms of the inlet and outlet ports. Btw, once this rad arrives and when i install and...
  5. Skyguy

    NZXT Vulcan

    Today we will be looking at the NZXT Vulcan, it is being marketed as an enthusiast class Micro ATX LAN Party chassis. Now you may be wondering what is a "enthusiast class Micro-ATX LAN Party chassis" well the answer is really quite simple. Obviously it will have to fit some of today's...
  6. bullydog

    NVIDIA GTX 480 makes benchmarking debut, matches ATI HD 5870 performance (video)

    We're still not happy with NVIDIA's failure to publish anything on its site alerting users about the doom that may befall them if they switched to the 196.75 drivers, but the company's making an effort to get back into our good books with the first official video of its forthcoming GeForce...