1. C

    coolermaster 430 crysis 2 mod ( airbrushing help!!)

    Does anybody know anywhere here in Ga where I could get some airbrush work done ?
  2. C

    Cooler Master 430 Carbon Fiber Mod

    CoolerMaster Elite 430 Crysis 2 ( theme changed ) Okay the theme of this case has changed , I am no longer doing the "Carbon Fiber " car theme, I've decided that it wasnt a fit for this case, Now the theme will be Crysis 2 !!!, So far this is my progress , I choose this pattern because its the...
  3. Skyguy

    Cooler Master Elite 430

    Cooler Master is one of the largest manufacturers of computer components around and I certainly do not envy the task they have at hand. There is certainly some fierce completion out there when it comes to cases. Today we will be looking at Cooler Masters newest model in the entry level...