1. M

    Msi r9 280

    Hi I have the above graphics card with i5 4690k processor and 12gb ram on clean install of windows 7 but benchmark only coming out at 38.9 fps. Does anyone have any suggestions why it's so low? Overall score is 1690 Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  2. joshjaks

    240 thick vs 280 reg radiators

    I was doing some math trying to figure what radiator would do better. In theory, 38mm thick 240mm rad should be slightly better than a 25mm thick 280mm rad. The total area volume of the first is 1,904,400 cubic mm. The second is only 980,000 cubic mm. However, math doesn't always add up to...
  3. TeeBlack

    King of the 280 AIO's?

    I would like to see the NZXT X61 vs the CM Nepton 280L to which performs better.
  4. K

    £280 to spend on new graphics card

    Wagwan peepz, I currently have an agp setup and a 9800 pro. I wanted to upgrade 2 a new card, prefeb a nvidia one, can u reccomend any? I wanted to run HDR on far cry and hl2, which is the main reason I want a new card. Any good advice would be much appreciated. safe.