1. C

    Fair price for a GTX 260?

    I was just browsing my local kijiji (no intent to buy) and saw several ads for standard GTX 260's asking $80-$100. The cards are all obviously used so I assume the life left in them is almost nil. I think asking more around $30-$50 would be more fair, what do you think?
  2. T

    Anyone good with fixing graphic cards? --gtx 260

    I have an old gtx 260 BFG maxcore 55 thats atrifacting on boot. If this is repairable by any means plz pm me :)
  3. Sniper13

    Can you overvolt a BFG GTX 260 (55nm) from bios

    HI everyone, I was looking to find out if there is a way around not being able to software overvolt a BFG GTX 260. Maybe from bios? I don't know:shrug:. First go at overvolting any of my cards, and know I cant overvolt through software with this card. Thanks for any light you can shed on the...
  4. News Team

    Sony losing $260 on each PS3 sold

    Following an analysis of their recently released financial results, Sony are making more losses on every PS3 sold than they are willing to admit. Read the full story here...