1. windwithme

    CORSAIR Obsidian 250, the ITX case Has Both Texture and Scalability

    CORSAIR Obsidian 250D, the ITX case Has Both Texture and Scalability In the past couple year, ITX market became more and more popular. Many MB makers launched related products. Some of my friends choose ITX due to space concern. For small room or preferring small PC, ITX is the best option for...
  2. C

    GTS 250 for PhysX

    I have this old GTS 250 collecting dust and just got Borderlands 2. I thought that maybe I could use the GTS 250 for PhysX? I was wondering.. if I put the GTS 250 card in an x4 slot, would it hinder performance at all?
  3. E

    what would be the best water cooling setup under $250?

    Hi guys! this is edward from pakistan i m new to water cooling i m currently running an H70 and i want to go for real water cooling setup so i need ur help guys u guys r so awesome i always have faith in ur assistance so i never go anywhere i only come to pureoc for real help and i want u guys...