1. killjoyjim

    looking for i7 1366 cpu.

    Hey all looking for a i7 1366 cpu for a x58 board. The guy is looking to buy a new one . I tould him I will see if some one has one to sell here At PUREO. Thank's.
  2. killjoyjim

    i7 1366 chip help

    Help I need a i7 1366 chip fore my ASUS Rampage Exrteame.
  3. killjoyjim

    Help ned 1366 chip

    Help.I need a 1366 chip fore my son's rig.I will be building this fore him. I have the mobio asus rampage 3 extrime.G SKILL 6gb or ram 500w psu, gtx465 vid card,Phanteks cooler. I had the chip. If you remember my son's pit bull ate it. My son told me he will pay fore it. If some one has a spare...
  4. Skyguy

    ASUS P6X58-E Pro

    We all know that LGA1366 X58 motherboards are not new products. They've been around for some time now and have proven to have quite a bit of longevity. Today we will take a peek at the ASUS P6X58-E Pro motherboard and see what goodies ASUS has added to this long lasting and versatile chipset...
  5. Skyguy

    Sapphire Pure Black X58

    The Sapphire Pure Black X58 is the company's first foray into the premium Intel motherboard market, and this board sports gorgeous styling, strong features, and impressive performance. But it's in for a very tough fight against some established companies and products. Can the Pure Black X58...
  6. Skyguy

    Gigabyte X58-USB Motherboard

    Priced at about $180 USD, the Gigabyte X58-USB3 is probably the least expensive X58 boards out there that has USB 3.0 included as a feature. There isn't SATA 6G here unfortunately, but that won't likely affect many users with a modest budget anyways. In fact, the X58-USB3 looks and handles very...
  7. Skyguy

    ASUS Sabertooth X58

    The ASUS Sabertooth X58 is part of the ASUS TUF, or The Ultimate Force, series. A play on words, it is indeed "tough", both in styling and fabrication. It looks like military camoflauge, with a very unique colour scheme, its components are coated in ceramics, and it's built to military...
  8. Skyguy

    ASUS Rampage III Gene

    As we've seen time and again, the ASUS Republic of Gamer lineup continues to offer powerhouse motherboards designed and marketed to those who wants some of the best performance, features, and quality on the market. It is indeed an exclusive club, but the Rampage III Gene is one of the best...
  9. Skyguy

    Titan Fenrir EVO

    Titan has since released another version of the Fenrir, the EVO, which features a sleek new aeshetic finish and a quieter fan. Though the overall design remains the same, these new tweaks should offer consumers a nice choice if looking for something in a quiet setup with very nice...
  10. Skyguy

    Thermalright Venomous X-RT

    The Thermalright Venomous X-RT is one CPU cooler that claims to offer a successful combination of strong performance while maintaining low noise levels. We know that Thermalright has an excellent track record in producing successful heatsinks, so we're hoping they're up to the task since...
  11. Skyguy

    Gigabyte GA-X58-UD9

    We've seen many X58 motherboards since their initial launch, and lately some refreshes with SATA 6G and USB 3.0 coming to the market. But we've never seen a board with a price tag like the Gigabyte GA-X58-UD9. We are well aware of Gigabyte's reputation among overclockers, and truth be told...
  12. Skyguy

    Cooler Master V6GT CPU Cooler

    One of Cooler Master's more exciting items at CES was the V6 GT air cooler. With muscle car written all over it, it's clear they're going for both performance and aesthetic on this one. Combining muscle car looks with the excellent performance we expect of it couldn't have been easy, and...
  13. Skyguy

    Thermaltake Frio CPU Cooler

    The Thermaltake Frio is built with a slick aesthetic, dual fans in a push-pull configurations, and independent fan control. It appears the Frio has a great combination of features, as well as price at $60, so let's see how it fares in performance testing. Cilck HERE for the full review.
  14. Skyguy

    Rosewill FORT120

    The Rosewill FORT120 offers Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology, a very efficient technology in tower-style heatsinks, and we've seen some very unassuming coolers post some very impressive results, so we have high hopes for the FORT120 today. Let's take a closer look and then strap it into...
  15. Skyguy

    Noctua NH-C12P 1366

    We recently examined the Noctua NH-U12P and found it to be a very capable tower-styled cooler, posting some great results in an extremely quiet setup. Today we're testing its Noctua sibling, the NH-C12P, which offers a top-down design, with the same famous Noctua silent fan but a slimmer profile...
  16. Skyguy

    Thermaltake SpinQ - 1366

    Today we're looking at a CPU cooler that has stunning looks to satisfy: the Thermaltake SpinQ. Sporting an utterly gorgeous chrome-like aesthetic that features an innovative helical design, it is also finally Socket 1366-compatible, so we'll be dropping it on a Core i7, cranking up the heat, and...
  17. Skyguy

    Thermaltake V1AX - 1366

    The Thermaltake V1AX is a Core i7-compatible cooler that appears to be an evolution of the V14 Pro that we previously reviewed. Thermaltake has a reputation for being able to "cool all your life", so it will be interesting to see how true that is with the V1AX. We know that the Core i7 chips can...
  18. Skyguy

    Noctua NH-U12P SE1366

    Today we're testing the Noctua NH-U12P SE1366, the Core i7-specific cooler that stems from its predecessor that achieved somewhat a celebrity status as a cooler that offered excellent cooling in a whisper-quiet setup. Truth be told, we're huge fans of Noctua's........fans........and are well...
  19. Skyguy

    Xigmatek Thor's Hammer

    Today we're testing the Xigmatek Thor's Hammer S126384, which offers Heatpipe Direct Touch (HDT) technology, a newer trend in tower-style heatsinks, and promises some efficient cooling numbers. It is Socket 1366-capable and looks stunning in nickel-coated black, so despite its imposing name...
  20. Skyguy

    Gelid Solutions Silent Spirit

    Powerhouse CPU coolers may be all the rage these days in the quest for performance supremacy, but there is a distinct need and interest in the market for smaller and more compact coolers that can still get the job done effectively and inexpensively. And that is part of the key distinction here...