1. Smiki007

    World's first 128GB DDR4 memory module

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  2. Skyguy

    Kingston SSDNow V200 128GB

    Can this latest JMicron controller and new firmware post impressive results to match the affordable price tag? Let’s take a closer look at the Kingston SSDNow 128GB and see how it fares. Click Kingston SSDNow V200 128GB for the full review.
  3. SamCR3

    Plextor M3 128GB SSD on Sale Again

    I highly recommend this drive:
  4. Skyguy

    Verbatim SATA II 128GB

    Today we will be reviewing the Verbatim SATA II 128GB. While this drive isn't going to set any records what it does do is give a nice entry level SSD for those using the SATA II interface. Click Verbatim SATA II 128GB for the full review.
  5. SamCR3

    Plextor M3 128GB SSD on Sale

    Newegg has it for 149.99 again. I bought the drive at this price and it is awesome. I highly recommend it. Newegg.com - Plextor M3 Series PX-128M3 2.5" 128GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
  6. Skyguy

    Corsair Performance Pro 128GB

    The Corsair Performance Pro 128GB SSD contains an updated Marvell controller that continues to use a SATA 6G interface, able to take advantage of the insane speeds offered by the new standard. At 128GB capacity, this drive looks to be affordable and fast, satisfying the top performance that...
  7. vinman

    Sale Corsair proformance 3 series SSD 128GB

    170.00 bucks on the egg starts today at 1pm PDT Corsair Performance 3 Series CSSD-P3128GB2-BRKT 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Read up to 410 MB/s and Write up to 210MB/s 2.5" 128GB SATA III
  8. Skyguy

    Kingston HyperX MAX 3.0 128GB

    The Kingston HyperX Max is a portable SSD with a USB 3.0 interface that displays some blistering speed results. So it retains the best qualities of each technology, and housed in a small and sleek form. So how fast is it? Oh, it's plenty fast alright. Click HERE for the full review.
  9. Skyguy

    Kingston SSDNow SNV425-S2 128GB SSD

    Today brings both a surprise and a non-surprise. The non-surprise? Kingston has added another SSD in its lineup. The surprise? This drive is the same capacity as competing premium SSDs but retails for about $100 less. So what's the catch? Well, the catch is that the performance...
  10. Skyguy

    Kingston V+ SNVP325-S2 128GB SSD

    The Kingston SNVP325-S2 is a 2nd generation SSD that uses Toshiba internals to boost performance and support TRIM out of the box. We do love that, no question. Flashing, firmware, and TRIM can be confusing to consumers, and it's nice to see that Kingston has eliminated that potential anxiety...
  11. Skyguy

    Patriot Torqx 128GB SSD

    Recently we've been looking at several Solid State Drives (with more on the way) and today we'll be examining the Patriot Torqx that features some impressive performance claims. We've heard several manufacturers boast about their products and top performance numbers, and a few have delivered but...