1. xelosia

    Skydiver Jumps From Record 128,000 Feet, Breaks Sound Barrier

    Baumgartner used a helium balloon to travel the 24 miles up, and jumped safely to the ground A daredevil skydiver has landed safely on the ground after jumping from the edge of space Sunday morning. Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian helicopter pilot and former soldier, made a...
  2. Bill Gates

    Got an M4 128 today

    Bought it for $170.99 + tax today at Micro Center. Going to replace my Pyro 120 with it because my Pyro 120 exhibited the dreaded SF2281 freeze / bsod bug and I can't deal with that in the middle of creating CAD drawings.
  3. obamaliar

    Is the m4 128 the fastest sata 3 drive?

    From what I can tell so far the answer is yes! For some reason its faster than even the 512gb drive. I challenge anyone to to show a single sata drive score higher than this I consider as ssd to be the best benchmark for measuring ssd performance so any other benches especially atto are...