1. bundymania

    [Bundymania User Review] Microcool Benchtable Banchetto 101 Modular

    Hello Guys, Today i would like to give a short overview of another Benchtable (In the past I did some reviews of Benchtables from other producers). Therefore I would like to present the current Version of the Banchetto 101 from Microcool. Microcool has its residence in Italy and has got many...
  2. News Team

    Intel records record Q3 revenue - $10.1 billion USD

    Intel has released their revenue for the third quarter of this year. Intel's current revenue stands at $10.1 billion, 12% higher than this time last year. The company's operating income is also rather high at $2.2 billion, this time a 64% increase. Intel's gross margin is currently 52.4%...