1. JamesLT3

    PureOC Now ranked 1000 out of 216585 teams

    So im really excited, were now ranked #1000 out of 216,585 teams. We will break the quad digits sometime tonight or tomorrow. I know im the only one who folds but its still awesome!!! :p
  2. Zankza

    1000$ You tell me what i do.

    Okay, due to some misunderstood, i took this chance and told them to cancel and wait for my further decide. Right now; I have exactly 1000$ Budget(i can go over if its like rebate or whatever, as long the FINAL price is 1000$ or under.) My current build is posted in my profile...
  3. Skyguy

    System Build Input - $1000

    Hey guys, got a buddy that's looking to do a system build for $1000 USD max. He's a gamer on a tight budget and doesn't care about flashy hardware. Something solid that gives great value. He needs a list of components to buy and build with his dad. I'm thinking a new Athlon II quad, AM3...
  4. E

    AMD's 4x4 at least $1000

    but still looks long in the tooth Read the full story here...