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  • what was the total minutes of 5 runs?
    if it's 15 - 20mins at Max stress then it's good.
    Got my liquid cooling together, and I am in the process of running Intel burn test. (max stress/ 5 tests)
    temps are at 60 -62 Celcius. ambient is 70. Should I do more?

    running 4.0 multiplier is 20, Bus is 200, QPI 3600
    @htxboz; I didn't see your message until 12/12/10, it's best to post your question over 4Ghz Club thread.
    Hi Deton.

    I followed your instruction on the 4G-Club and still not able to get success. Please give some advice. I really appriciated it

    with the new changes, I didn't even see this post. think so?..... I don't pay much attention if I'm getting thanks or not.
    Hey Deton,

    I have a feeling that you're going to dominate the thank you list due to the Maximus club.
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