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CYBERPOWERPC Debuts Zeus Mini SFF Series With Eight Pre-Built Models

Introduction In CITY of INDUSTRY, CA on January 28, 2014 CyberPower Inc unleashed its Zeus Mini desktop series. Each model will be priced from $599 to $1479, and each unit t is crammed with enough AMD or Intel processing and graphics power to rival any full size desktop PC. The new Zeus Mini can be configured with a choice of either three different AMD Kaveri A-series processor models, while the Zeus Mini-A can have five different 4th Generation Intel Core processor models. Additionally, the Zeus Mini-I begins  with a Core i5-4440 and can go up to a Core i7-4770K at 3.50GHz. All processors in the Zeus Mini series are mounted to a Mini ITX motherboard.using the latest AMD and Intel chipsets and include 802.11ac wifi, and PCI Express 3.0. The Zeus Mini’s can accommodate full-size dual GPU’s. Customers have the option of AMD Radeon R7 and R9 series or NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Series graphics with Kepler GPU architecture.       Specifications AMD Zeus Mini-A 100 Zeus Mini-A 200 Zeus Mini-A 300 CPU AMD A10-A7850K AMD A10-7700K AMD A10-7850K Chipset A88 A88 A88 GPU Onboard R7 AMD R7 250 2GB AMD R9 290 RAM 8GB (4GBx2) 8GB (4GBx2) 16GB (8GBx2) HDD 500GB SATA-III 1TB SATA-III 2TB SATA-III CASE Zeus Mini-ITX Small Form Factor Gaming Chassis ODD 8x Slim DVD-RW OS Windows 8.1 MSRP $ 599.00  $679.00  $1,079.00   INTEL Zeus Mini-I 100 Zeus Mini-I 200 Zeus Mini-I 760 Zeus Mini-I 770 Zeus Mini-I 780 CPU Intel i5-4440 Intel i5-4670K Intel i5-4670K Intel i5-...

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