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Primochill: Primoflex Advanced LRT

Advances in tubing for water cooling have been slow over the last few years. There was a time where you went to the local hardware store and used whatever was on the shelf. Thankfully those days have passed as custom water cooling has been moved towards the forefront. PC enthusiasts created a demand that several smart companies were more than happy to fulfill. PrimoChill was one of those companies. Starting in 2001, during water cooling’s infancy they have produced more than a few innovations since that time. One of Primochill’s more recent products, Advanced LRT Pearl tubing, offers vivid colors, resistance to algae growth and the ability to make those hard bends. Advanced LRT tubing uses a special blend of PVC and Polymer resin that allows it to bend much more than previous tubing without caving in or twisting. Advanced LTR tubing comes in an assortment of colors including a Black Onyx, but the Pearl version comes in UV Purple, UV Yellow, UV Orange and UV Green. Primochill promises bright vibrant colors with or without a UV light. The thick inner walls are very smooth to decrease the chances of particles buildup and algae growth. This tubing should last a long time without fading or losing its inner wall strength. With the choices in colors, UV or not, clear or Pearl, Primochill’s Primoflex appears to have every build project in mind.   http://www.primochill.com


Monsoon: Chain Gun Compression Fitting

  Introduction Continued innovation and creativity is what fuels a healthy industry. If either of those key items fade away, so does that industry. Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about that! The custom water cooling market has been around for years but never in its lifetime have we seen such rapid growth. Sealed AIO coolers, water blocks, pumps, reservoirs and radiators are now being manufactured by so many companies it is hard to keep track of it all. This rapid growth has spurred companies to innovate and create products that distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. This is a big win for consumers. One company that really shook up the market is Monsoon. We saw them go from a more conventional style in their first series of fittings to innovating with the Free Center series of compression fittings. There wasn’t (and still isn’t) a fitting so widely used and loved as the Free Center fitting. Monsoon is looking to continue pushing the envelope with their latest creation, the Chain Gun Compression fitting. This time around it is all about creativity. Nothing has changed much when it comes to how the new fitting works; instead it’s about how the new fittings look. Before we continue the review of the new Monsoon Chain Gun Compression fitting, let us take a moment to reintroduce Monsoon Cooling.

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