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Cooler Master Storm Havoc Gaming Mouse Review – An 8200 DPI Refresh

Cooler Master has quietly been chipping away on their new line of products, most notably those multifaceted devices ready for PC and console systems. Computer hardware and accessories are still the main priority, and Cooler Master are always building, always improving on their designs. The new Cooler Master Storm Havoc gaming mouse is the prime example. The best way to describe it is a meld between the Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance II and the Cooler Master Storm Recon. Sporting the same 8200 DPI laser sensor as the Advance II and a modified frame of the Recon, we will see if the $54.99 Havoc brings new features and additions to the table. Full Review: http://technologyx.com/pc-hardware/peripherals/cooler-master-storm-havoc-gaming-mouse-review-an-8200-dpi-refresh/  

Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 1TB External SSD Review

  Last week we saw the first review of the Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 512GB External SSD, only to be followed by a wicked review of the lightning fast Angelbird SSD2GO External SSD this past weekend. Today, the external SSD saga continues. The Monster Digital OverDrive 3.0 1TB Portable SSD that we are looking at today comes in as the largest portable SSD available for retail purchase with speeds up to 250MB/s…and it fits in your pocket. Full Review: http://thessdreview.com/our-reviews/monster-digital-overdrive-1tb-portable-ssd-review-unheard-of-capacity-in-a-portable-ssd/  

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