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ROSEWILL Shows Cullinan Case and Tokamak PSUs at Computex

I will always have a special place in my heart for budget friendly hardware. No matter how long I’ve been at this, I always seem to be the most excited for the component that hits the price/performance sweet spot. In that regard, ROSEWILL has impressed me on numerous occasions with such releases that maintain a very good quality as well. While scanning Twitter, I saw a glimpse of a case that I thought was a new design and after a quick email, my suspicions were confirmed. The Cullinan is a new mid-tower design that features a slick tempered glass finish on the side and front panels. In one shot, the LED lighting looks like something out of Star Trek. The case has an extremely elegant look to it while also being able to support an impressive amount of liquid cooling components. I can’t wait for more details on that, as well as some new Titanium rated PSUs (Tokamak) and a new RGB mechanical keyboard. Below is the full press release so you can catch up on a few more details. Rosewill to debut new gaming, PC components and home product series at Computex 2016 Press release [Wednesday 1 June 2016] Rosewill, a leading manufacturer of PC gaming gear, PC components and consumer electronics, has selected Computex 2016 to unveil the latest additions to the company’s expanding product lines, and will also introduce the company’s new gaming series logo, Rosewill Gaming. Rosewill’s products will be on display at the annual event held from May 31 – Ju...

Rosewill Nighthawk (3)

ROSEWILL Nighthawk 117 Review

Introduction It’s time to spread our wings and fly! The analogy only goes as far as the title ROSEWILL is using for one of their newer cases, but I thought it sounded fun and inspirational. ROSEWILL has been in the background of the hardware industry for what seems like forever now. Sure, they may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of a computer case or gaming peripherals, but they’ve always offered compelling choices for those who want a solid product but can’t afford a top brand. The Nighthawk 117 doesn’t look to be an exception here, but before we look at it in further detail, let’s look a bit closer at ROSEWILL’s philosophy. Rosewill’s mission is to consistently deliver reliable, high quality PC gaming, IT hardware and home products through leading innovation and long-lasting relationships. Rosewill Inc. was established in 2004, founded by manufacturing reliable, high-quality technology products. The first products under the Rosewill brand name included computer components such as computer cases, power supply units, keyboards, mice and cables. Over time, the product line strategically developed and entered new areas of growth, including PC gaming and home products. Under the management of experienced e-retail experts, Rosewill products can be found on all top e-commerce sites, along with product information and reviews. Today, Rosewill currently manufactures and markets an immense catalogue of inventive produc...

Rosewill CES 2016 (14)

ROSEWILL Showed Off the Nighthawk 117 at CES 2016

ROSEWILL is a name that hasn’t been mentioned here in a while, but we hope that starts changing because they had some impressive components at CES this year. The Newegg original prides themselves on giving their customers the best bang for their buck that they can so that there’s more left over for those cash hungry components like CPUs and GPUs. Since many of our site veterans are Newegg regulars, it would’ve been a shame for us not to stop by and find out what ROSEWILL was showing off. The Nighthawk 117 is a great looking case, but the gaming mouse and speaker set that I saw promised some good things to come as well. First, let’s address the horrible lighting in the Palazzo. So much yellow! Now, with that out of the way let’s turn to the Nighthawk 117. This is a full tower offering from ROSEWILL and it has some nice looking features at a good price point. The first thing that was noticeable was the spacious interior. It will certainly make a build pretty easy for those who don’t like working in tight spaces. The aesthetic is very nice. It has just enough edges to give it that gaming look, but they aren’t so “in your face” to lose a certain elegance to the design as well. The fun part was being able to open the vents on top for a bit of additional airflow. It looks cool and serves practicality if the user likes to dampen the noise a bit at times. The other feature I really like is the eSATA port on the top of the case ...


Rosewill Announces New Members of THRONE Gaming Case

Detail product information: http://www.rosewill.com/landingpage/THRONE/


Rosewill is an official sponsor of BlizzCon 2013!

After Blizzard tested many computer cases, they chose Rosewill to house all the components the gamers will use during the event. Rosewill started back in 2004 small and now Rosewill is a top name brand in PC Hardware, components, and accessories and we are continuing to grow and expand globally! Just so you know, Blizzcon is a two day event on November 8-9, 2013 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.  We’re going to have the THRONE Industrial with other products on display and a new case mod we’re going to do just for the Blizzcon event exclusive at our booth.  Also, we are going to share the excitement with on and off site activities so everyone can have some of the fun even if they don’t have the chance to attend the Blizzcon event. The Rosewill team will be there at the event and I hope to see you there too!  Here is the announcement form Blizzard. http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/press/pressreleases.html?id=10873780


Rosewill Gives Displays Freedom to Tilt, Pan, Swing, and Swivel

City of Industry, CA – Rosewill®, the leading brand of PC components and peripherals and award-winning power supplies, computer cases, and gaming peripherals, has released new display mounts to maximize your desk real estate. Rosewill has successfully brought to market many award winning computer cases, power supplies, computer accessories such as mechanical keyboards and gaming headsets and looking to expand on their success, they are bringing attention to another very essential component to desktop computers everywhere, the display. Complimenting entry level gaming systems, workstations, and even high end gaming systems are 3 new Rosewill Display Mounts: RHMS-13001, RHMS-13002, and RHMS-13003. With a lightweight aluminum construction, C-clamp column support, quick snap configuration, ultrafast setup, and an elegantly designed framework, the Rosewill Display mounts are ready to free displays everywhere. With up to 44lbs and 30 inch display support, it will free your display from the static stand and allow it to tilt, pan, swing, swivel, can even adjust height on the fly with the Spring Mount Arm, or support a dual display setup. With the ability to position your monitor just right, it will also help reduce eye, neck, and shoulder strain so you can game or work stronger and longer. Rosewill also shares their love for displays in the living room with its availability of TV Brackets compatible with 13 inch televisions all the way up to 65 inches. Whether its ultra slim, u...


Rosewill Hercules 1600 W

Rosewill craves to establish themselves as a top name in the PSU market, so they keep on releasing high-end models. Their top of the line PSU is the Hercules-1600, which we will have the chance to test today. With 1600 W of max power, things are going to be very interesting. Full Review: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Rosewill/Hercules-1600/


Rosewill Raises the Playing Field and Steps Up Their Game to Unveil the Ultimate Solutions to the PC Peripheral Arena

Taipei, Computex 2013 – June 3rd, 2013 – The world’s leading hardware solutions provider, Rosewill®, will showcase their latest innovations and premiere a new line of products at Computex 2013 that will leave you wanting more. Rosewill® will debut 3 80Plus Platinum and 1 80Plus Gold Certified gaming power supplies and world premiere a new power supply named, EPOCH, Rosewill’s first digital power supply supported with a fully modular design. The community favorite CAPSTONE series will feature a fully modular system and the highly rated TACHYON series will also feature a fully modular system. Rosewill does not stop there. Rosewill® will debut three very potent gaming cases that are a definite must see: NEUTRON, STEALTH, and Rise. Included with these powerhouse unveilings of power supplies and cases, Rosewill has the perfect keyboards that compliment your new build. The best-selling Rosewill® RK-9000 mechanical keyboards that you know and love just got upgraded. Making its world debut is the new illuminated RK-9000 series mechanical keyboards. Shining alongside the updated RK-9000 is the world first dual LED backlit mechanical keyboard, HELIOS RK-9200. In addition to the popular mechanical keyboards, Rosewill will be displaying different networking solutions from wireless to powerline. On display will be the T900N, featuring dual band Wireless N connectivity and an easy setup for both beginners and advanced users. Alongside Rosewill’s IT prod...


Rosewill® Announces Strategic Distribution Partnership with ASI

City of Industry, CA – Rosewill®, one of the leading manufacturers of computer hardware and the recipient of multiple awarding computer cases, power supplies, PC gaming peripherals, and accessories has struck a strategic distribution agreement with ASI Corp., one of the largest distribution leaders of computer components and peripheral products. With 10 locations within the U.S., 3 in Canada, and 3 in Mexico, ASI Corp. will carry a wide variety of award winning Rosewill® products from computer cases, power supplies, networking, cables, and computer accessories ranging from entry, mid, and high end level products.  “We are very excited to work with ASI Corp,” says Daniel Hu, President of Rosewill®. “There is a growing demand for computer hardware and accessories and with the agreement with ASI Corp, we will be able extend our reach, continue to meet demand, and focus on the technology to further improve our products.”  “We’re very pleased with the addition of Rosewill as part of our diverse and expanding product line up at ASI. Rosewill is a unique company dedicated to quality and committed to providing the highest levels of customer support for their entire product portfolio including networking, enclosures, and power supplies.” said Cathy Wang, ASI Vice President of Product Management.  With ASI’s 25+ years of experience and Rosewill’s fast paced growth, it is mutually beneficial for both companies and great for the end users as it allows Rosewil...


Rosewill Debuts A Must See World First THRONE Industrial Custom Case Mod System at PAX East 2013

Rosewill® Debuts A Must See World First THRONE Industrial Custom Case Mod System That Will Simply Amaze at PAX East 2013 Booth 168 City Of Industry, CA – March 21st, 2013 – The leading hardware solutions provider, Rosewill®, will be showcasing its award-winning products and the latest and greatest products to the gaming community at PAX East, Penny Arcade Expo 2013. At Booth 168, Rosewill® will showcase 3 gaming systems built around our Award Winning case Thor V2, Armor Evolution, and the newly introduced THRONE White for fun and exciting competition. With an Intel Processor in each system, Thor V2 and THRONE will be exclusively powered by a single HERCULES 1600 PSU to show off its prowess and capabilities. The full line of RK-9000, RK-9100 Illuminated, and Helios RK-9200 Dual LED Illuminated Series Mechanical Keyboards with Cherry MX Switches will be on display for all to interact with to get a feel for each Cherry MX switches’ abilities and find out which switch or keyboard is suitable. We will be presenting the amazing Rosewill® THRONE case mod, designed and built by BS Mods, which will be something that hasn’t been done before to a case. It is truly a piece that will amaze and it is simply a must see! It has been custom painted, custom wired, modified for an Industrial appeal, and so much more. Together, we’ve put together something amazing. It is powered by our most powerful power supply released, HERCULES 1600 and it will power a 3-way NVIDIA GTX 68...


Rosewill® Ultra Slim HDMI Cable with RedMere Technology

Your premium home theater system deserves premium cables. These Rosewill High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cables perfectly combine performance, quality and reliability, and feature RedMere technology that contributes to petite physical dimensions ideal for space-constrained environments. With 4K, 3D, Deep Color and a dedicated built-in Ethernet data channel, you can take advantage of the latest technology to bring your A/V experience to the next level. Make the ultra slim cables yours today, and you’ll feel the difference. Please see the link below for the 12 sku information. http://www.rosewill.com/products/1/37/399/765/series.htm  


Rosewill USB 3.0 External All Aluminum 6X Blu-ray/DVD Reader/ Writer

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing The Rosewill USB 3.0 External all Aluminum 6X Blu-ray/DVD reader/writer, that will not only play all of your prized digital media collection, but also gives you the ability to back it up as well. The USB 3.0 Rosewill RDED-12001 Blu-ray writer offers the most comprehensive disc media Read & Write capability including up to a whopping 128GB BDXL disc, at up to 6X BD-R speeds. The Rosewill RDED-12001 also supports state-of-the-art 3D technology together with the enclosed Cyberlink Media Suite 10 to bring a true-to-life 3D experience to your desktop or laptop. The aluminum case offers enhanced durability as well as heat dissipation, and the lightweight, ultra-thin profile can easily fit into your notebook case or backpack without adding too much bulk. Read on to see what else it brings to your laptop, notebook or desktop.


Rosewill Debuts First Dual LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Launch of THRONE, and a full line up of many more at CES 2013

Improving Innovation – Rosewill Debuts First Dual LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Launch of THRONE, and a full line up of many more at CES 2013 Las Vegas, CES 2013 – January 4th, 2013 – The leading hardware solution provider, Rosewill®, will be show casing their latest innovations and premiere line of products at CES 2013. Rosewill® will debut a world first, Rosewill® Helios RK-9200 Dual LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Switches in Blue, Red, Brown, and Black. It supports Red or Green Backlit LEDs and allows independent color control of the vital WASD and 4 directional arrow gaming keys while allowing you to choose between 5 global brightness modes. It will stand side by side with the RK-9000 and RK-9100 series Mechanical Keyboards that have already cemented their positions. Rosewill® will also be show casing their line of Computer Cases, Power Supplies, Networking products, Server products, Gaming Peripherals, Surveillance Products, and Computer Accessories that compliment your PC build. Rosewill® will launch a new gaming case, THRONE, in Black and White, with its sleek angular appeal and aggressive appearance; it’s the case to have for any gaming event. Alongside will be the newly introduced ARMOR Evolution mid tower case, the first mid tower with support for E-ATX motherboards and have 2x USB 3.0 front ports. To power your system, Rosewill will have on display a full line of award winning 80 Plus Platinum Power Suppl...


Rosewill Unveils the Armor Evolution Mid-Tower Case

Rosewill, the leading brand of PC Components and Peripherals and award-winning power supplies, computer cases, and gaming peripherals, is introducing the Armor Evolution, a Mid-tower with support for E-ATX motherboards. The Armor Evolution is the next generation of Rosewill’s Top Selling mid-tower case, Armor. Designed to maximize internal capacity for the ever evolving dimensions of today’s and tomorrow’s PC components and support for 2 Front USB 3.0 ports. The Armor Evolution is an Extreme Mid-tower case, perfect for gamers and casual builders because of its sleek appeal, large internal capacity, and competitive pricing. Performance Cooling Armor Evolution provides performance cooling out of the box. Pre-installed are Dual Front 120 mm Fans with Red LEDs, 1 Top 120 mm Fan, 1 Rear 120 mm Fan, and a large but quiet 230 mm Side Panel Fan to ensure your components stay cool at all times. The perforated Front Panel compliments the cooling by allowing the fans to draw in cool air efficiently. If the pre-installed fans aren’t enough, there are optional slots to install 2 additional Front 120 mm Fans behind the HDD Rack , 1 Bottom 120 mm Fan, and an additional 1 Top 120 mm fan. The large 230 mm side panel fan can be removed to support 4 120 mm in its place. Expansion and Compatibility Armor Evolution provides support for Micro ATX, ATX and E-ATX motherboards in a Mid-Tower chassis. Expansion is provided for up to 7 3.5″ devices, up to 3 5.2″ d...


Rosewill introduces two Powerline networking adapters

Rosewill announced the RPLC-200KIT and RPLC-500KIT, two new Powerline ethernet adapters that provide up to 200Mbps and up to 500Mbps, respectively. Rosewill®, the leading brand of PC Components and Peripherals and award-winning power supplies, computer cases, and gaming keyboards, is introducing Powerline Networking members, RPLC-200KIT and RPLC-500KIT. Joining Rosewill®’s growing family of wireless routers, switches, wireless adapters, and network adapters, Rosewill® is proud to present 2 additional members to complete a line-up of networking products for all networking needs. The RPLC-200KIT, a 200Mbps Powerline AV+ mini Wall-Plug Adapter which utilizes HomePlug AV technology and RPLC-500KIT, a 500Mbps Powerline AV Wall-Plug Gigabit Adapter, allows the expanding of high speed networks to multiple rooms through any home wall power outlet. The HomePlug AV+ technology brings up to 30% faster speeds than traditional 200Mbps AV Powerline adapter. The RPLC-200KIT and RPLC-500KIT Powerline adapters includes a Built-in Noise filter to reduce power interference and enhance data transmission quality, secures data with a 128-bit AES Encryption, and QoS support. QoS allows prioritization of services that are important and ensure lag free use of VoIP, video streaming, media streaming, or online gaming. The RPLC-200KIT’s and RPLC-500KIT’s push button setup will have your network extended and up and running within seconds with a simple push of a button on each pair. The slim s...

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