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ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Headset Review

There’s a new audio product on the market from someone you just might be familiar with. ROCCAT has released the Kave XTD 5.1 headset. The XTD 5.1 model features 40mm rear and front drivers, thick padded ear cushions and an adjustable headband. The 40mm drivers are complimented by a detachable flexible microphone and the headset is compatible with PCs. ROCCAT didn't stop there though; they went beyond gamers expectations by integrating the ability of pairing your headset with your mobile device via Bluetooth Technology as well as the ability to transfer sound to a normal speaker system for media meant to be heard by everybody. Continue reading to find out if this headset is packed with all the features gamers have been waiting for.

No sound unheard: ROCCAT starts shipping Kave XTD 5.1 Digital

Introduction In Hamburg on 30 January 2014 ROCCAT™ Studios Announced the availability of the Kave XTD 5.1 Digital gaming headset in Europe and North America. This true 5.1 gaming headset is the flagship version of the new Kave XTD series.This Headset provides true, rich 5.1 surround sound with it’s three driver units per side aligned at a 12° angle, this headset delivers an immersive and crisp sound. This headset weighs 25% less then the original Kave 5.1 headset. The Kave XTD 5.1 Digital was nominated for the “Best Hardware” award at gamescom 2013. The Kave XTD 5.1 Digital gaming headset is available now for 169.99 Euro or approximately 230.00 USD   Features REAL 5.1 SURROUND SOUND with three driver units per earcup PREMIUM INBUILT MULTI-CHANNEL SOUND CARD for rich, interference-free audio SMARTPHONE TO HEADSET BLUETOOTH PAIRING let’s you handle calls on the fly FULLY-EQUIPPED DESKTOP REMOTE total audio control at your fingertips SUPREME COMFORT: ULTRA-LIGHT DESIGN suitable for lengthy gaming sessions NOISE-CANCELLING MIC WITH MUTE LED fully rotatable and completely removable ROBUST AND DURABLE ENGINEERING built to last for long-term use 5.1 SPEAKER PORTS FEATURE IN REMOTE for a seamless hook-up to your existing sound system TANGLE-PROOF 3.6M CABLE for distraction-free gameplay Specifications CENTER/FRONT/REAR DRIVER UNITS Frequency response: 20~20.000Hz Max. SPL at 1kHz: 115±3dB Max. input power: 50mW Drive diameter front: 40mm Drive diameter rear: 4...


PureOC Winter Giveaway Week 1 2013

Introduction This week marks the first week of the winter giveaway here at PUREOC. This contest may be entered by following these rules: READ ME! PureOverclock Winter Giveaway Annoucement and Rules! We have number of great sponsors for this week’s draws, including VisionTek, ENERMAX, NoiseHush, SybaUSA (Oblanc and Gamerstergear), ColdTears GoVerlay for LCDsysInfo, Sunbeam Tech, Raidmax and Tuniq, Roccat                     As you can see we have a diverse set of prizes from our sponsors! PureOC Winter Giveaway Week 1 2013 These photos are just a few of the prizes being given away so be sure you read and follow the the rules of this giveaway to enter and give yourself a chance to win one of these suburb prizes!      


Roccat Ryos MK Glow

Introduction ROCCAT has been known for delivering exceptional peripherals like keyboards, mice, headphones and mouse pads. They also have notebooks available but only in Germany. However, when it comes to keyboards, they have been a bit behind the times. After taking a year in development, they are ready to introduce gamers to the Ryos Series. We have the opportunity to review the Ryos MK Glow. It features a built-in palm rest, individual LED keys, an anti-smudge surface, fully capable macros and individual key remapping. When it comes to their first Mechanical keyboard, ROCCAT makes a bold statement, “The most advanced, most customizable mechanical keyboard ever – NOBODY comes close! Introducing the illuminated ROCCAT™ Ryos MK Glow mechanical gaming keyboard. With an eye-watering number of configuration options and high-quality CHERRY MX key switches, you can break out – and unleash the gaming beast within.” We have to ask ourselves, Is ROCCAT being overly confident with their first keyboard? There’s plenty of other manufacturers who have been releasing Mechanical keyboards for years and haven’t claimed to be the most customizable. If their statement is true, will there be room for improvement? These are just a few questions that come to mind after such a bold statement. Before we find out if the Ryos MK Glow will live up to their statement, let’s find out a bit more about the company.   Founded in 2007, ROCCAT™ develops high qu...

Tusko feature image

Roccat Tusko

Intro Here’s the situation: your friends just invited you to a LAN gaming session nearby, and you really want to go. Your favorite games are being played and you’ve been wanting to show off your rig for a while. You start making plans to go when it hits you: you have far too many accessories to cart around with you, not to mention you just shelled out 300+ dollars on that sweet 24″ monitor you use. Also, you certainly don’t want to be moving that around too much for fear of damaging it. *sigh* What’s a gamer to do? Roccat has been known to make rock solid accessories that cater specifically to the PC gaming enthusiast. From mice and mouse pads to headsets and keyboards, Roccat has your enthusiast needs covered. For the LAN gamer, they also offer the item we will be placing under the magnifying glass today: the Roccat Tusko. It’s a portfolio-style case for carting around your monitor and accessories all in one safe and easy-to-use package. Let’s dive right in and see if it’s got what it takes.   Here’s a word about Roccat: Founded in 2007, ROCCAT™ develops high quality and innovative accessories in Germany for ambitious computer gamers. In close collaboration with the gaming community, outstanding input devices and headsets, which excel through their first-class precision, high level of ease-of-use and unique design, are designed at ROCCAT™ Studios in Hamburg. The ROCCAT™ Kone Gaming Mouse was the first produc...


ROCCAT Raivo Gaming Mousepad

Introduction Earlier this year, we reviewed the ROCCAT Hiro mouse pad that was a good product but a bit pricey. Over-all we enjoyed that product and were grateful to ROCCAT for the chance to review it. Well, we are back again with a new ROCCAT mouse-pad, and this one is the new Raivo. The Raivo has a micro-granulated surface with a non-slip base. It is intended as a gaming mouse pad, with high velocity and precision in mind. The ROCCAT Raivo features a large 350mm x 270mm surface area giving the user plenty of room to move freely without relocating the mouse. It is designed with rounded edges and flexible construction, and is marketed as being easy to clean. Will the new Raivo be enough to impress us? Read on to find out if it meets our standards. First, here’s a quick word from ROCCAT: Founded in 2007, ROCCAT™ develops high quality and innovative accessories in Germany for ambitious computer gamers. In close collaboration with the gaming community, outstanding input devices and headsets, which excel through their first-class precision, high level of ease-of-use and unique design, are designed at ROCCAT™ Studios in Hamburg. The ROCCAT™ Kone Gaming Mouse was the first product to be launched by the Hamburg-based developer, and has played a leading role right from the outset in the world’s premiere league of gaming mice. A host of international awards confirm the first-class quality and outstanding range of functions of ROCCAT™ products.


ROCCAT Kone XTD Now Compatible with Mac

  New driver download empowers Mac gamers with ultra-precise, max customization, gaming mouse with advanced LED lighting system   Hamburg – September 19, 2013 – ROCCAT is expanding the compatibility of the legendary Kone XTD max customization gaming mouse to Mac gamers worldwide. The award-winning mouse has been highly touted for its premium components, advanced precision, and unique lighting and effects system. “We are thrilled to unleash the Kone XTD to the millions of Mac gaming enthusiasts worldwide,” says René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and CEO. “The number of Mac gamers continues to grow, and the release of the Mac driver for the Kone XTD is just our first step towards more widespread support for the operating system’s user base.” The 8,200 DPI Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor in the Kone XTD offers superb tracking, transmitting even the fastest mouse movements with no lag. Click Master switch tech – powered by Omron ensures that every button press registers with extreme precision. Every click also delivers pronounced feedback, letting you feel your way to successful gaming. The Kone XTD features world famous Easy-Shift[+]™ technology, which lets you set two functions for each mouse button and the scroll wheel – giving you the power to pack a massive amount of quickly-accessible control into a clean, uncluttered space. And the included ROCCAT™ driver software lets you easily program and fine tune a multitude of settings – and gives you sound feedback...

stock into 2

Roccat INTO Street-Proof Messenger Bag

Roccat has released some very innovative gaming products. The Kone line of gaming mice and Ryos brand of keyboards are cherished by gamers worldwide. Roccat is now reaching out to mobile gamers with a line of stylish messenger bags to carry your gaming notebook in a safe manner. Often the messenger bags available to gamers are bland, industrial and business oriented. The Roccat INTO Street-Proof messenger bag is looking to offer the space to carry the largest of gaming notebooks along with all of your accessories and look good doing it. Let’s learn a little more about Roccat before we get further in this review of the INTO Messenger bag.


ROCCAT Unveils Kave XTD 5.1 Digital Gaming Headset

  “Best Hardware” award: new headset nominated to be put before gamescom jury   Hamburg – August, 21 2013 - ROCCAT Studios, German manufacturer of high-quality gaming peripherals, today reveals the ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital at gamescom in Cologne (hall 8.1, booth A010). The new device is the successor to the best selling true 5.1 gaming headset in the world: the original ROCCAT Kave 5.1. Based on community and customer feedback, the Kave XTD 5.1 Digital builds on the foundations laid by the original headset by improving existing features and introducing completely new and innovative ones of its own. The Kave XTD 5.1 Digital includes a fully-equipped desktop remote with a built-in premium 5.1 sound card. Also included in the feature-packed remote is ROCCAT Smart Link, a patented technology which lets users pair their smartphone to the remote via Bluetooth, allowing them to make and receive calls through the headset while gaming. The rear side of the remote boasts 5.1 speaker ports, letting users hook-up their existing speaker system to remote and easily toggle between headset and speaker output. The remote is completed by comprehensive headset and system audio controls. Like the original Kave, the Kave XTD 5.1 Digital provides true, rich 5.1 surround sound, but with enhanced componentry. With three driver units per earcup aligned at a 12° angle, the headset delivers an immersive and crisp sound. The headset comes with a completely reworked head band and, comp...


ROCCAT Unveils Plans for gamescom 2013

  At the ROCCAT booth hall 8.1 A010: - World exclusive: new Kave XTD revealed - Open beta registration for Power-Grid - Top-tier YouTubers - WCG Germany FIFA and SC2 finals   Hamburg – August 14, 2013 – ROCCAT is attending gamescom 2013 with a line-up that will leave fans and visitors impressed. The German manufacturer of competition-grade gaming peripherals will unveil the successor to its award-winning Kave headset, start open beta registration for its highly-acclaimed Power-Grid software and host an amazing show which features top-tier YouTubers. On top of that, players will fight for their tickets to China at the ROCCAT booth, which will be the stage for the 2013 WCG Germany FIFA and SC2 finals. Product offensive   ROCCAT kicks off the second half of the year at gamescom with a game-changing new product announcement. Day one of the event will see the new Kave XTD revealed, with only a few details having been made public on the ROCCAT Facebook page by that point. The closely-guarded secret has already been nominated for gamescom’s “Best Hardware” award, and will be available for testing at the ROCCAT booth. For the first time ever in Germany, the ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro mechanical keyboard will be on display and ready for hands-on visitor testing. The Ryos series will hit store shelves in September.   Power-Grid open beta registration   After successful testing, the beta of the award-winning ROCCAT Power-Grid software will change its status from closed...


ROCCAT Kone Pure Optical and Sense Meteor Blue Now Available

Optical version of award-winning Kone Pure gaming mouse is in stores now   Hamburg – July 25, 2013 – ROCCAT Studios, the Hamburg-based manufacturer of competition gaming peripherals, today announces immediate availability of the optical version of its award-winning Kone Pure gaming mouse. This release ensures that there is now a Kone for both breeds of gamer: those preferring the maxed out DPI of a laser mouse, and those yearning for the unique feel of an optical sensor gliding over their mousepad. The Kone Pure Optical combines the design innovations and ergonomic shape of original Kone Pure – 91% the size of the Kone – with an ultra-accurate, cutting-edge Pro-Optic (R3) optical sensor. Equipped with high-quality Omron® switches, ROCCAT innovations such as Easy-Shift[+]™, Easy-Aim, and ROCCAT Talk™, and a top-end sensor with DPI adjustable up to true 4,000 DPI, the Kone Pure Optical is designed for discerning gamers who want the best from their peripherals.   ROCCAT founder and CEO René Korte comments: “The new sensor featured in the Kone Pure Optical is the successor to the sensor featured in the famous Savu mouse. The Savu drew praise from gamers and reviewers alike, who complimented the mouse for its accurate and reliable tracking. Building on this success, the Kone Pure Optical has a new and more powerful MCU, which features more memory, and two new native DPI steps.” By popular demand, the optical mouse arms gamers with a powerful weapon i...


Roccat Kone Pure and Kone Pure Color Gaming Mice

The right gaming mouse can make or break your gaming session. You want a mouse that will handle high-speed precision movements for FPS gaming, but will also handle slow technical stuff for MMORPGs and productivity stuff. Today I might just have the mouse that will satisfy all your needs without breaking your wallet. ROCCAT is a German-based manufacturer of high-end gaming peripherals. They make some of the coolest, most feature-packed gaming mice, keyboards, audio gear and gaming notebooks. They've recently released the fifth generation of their Kone gaming mouse - the Kone Pure, and more recently added colored variants to the Pure's lineup. They were kind enough to send me out their new Kone Pure and Kone Pure Color gaming mice to review. Let's dive in and see how this one measures up!


ROCCAT Continues to Push PC Gaming Boundaries at Computex

  - Introducing the Kone Pure Optical - ROCCAT ™ Ryos series close to release - Power-Grid™ release candidate available - First ROCCAT devices with Mac OS driver - Company is expanding its international business   Hamburg – June 3rd 2013 – ROCCAT Studios, the German manufacturer of high-end gaming peripherals, is attending Computex 2013 in Taiwan, bringing with it news of major new product releases and an extended international business plan. At the event taking place in Taipei between June 4 – 8, ROCCAT will introduce an optical version of the multi-award-winning Kone Pure – the Kone Pure Optical Core Performance Gaming Mouse. Also being showcased at Computex is an enhanced demonstration of the eagerly-anticipated Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard With Per-key Illumination. The full capabilities of the keyboard’s unique, configurable lighting system will be revealed. The release candidate for the acclaimed Power-Grid™ smartphone app will also be unveiled at the event. The app has been undergoing closed beta testing since early April.   ROCCAT Founder and CEO René Korte: “With ROCCAT’s second-biggest office worldwide located in Taipei, Computex is like a second home for us, and it’s a pleasure to combine business with meeting our friends and colleagues. ROCCAT is growing rapidly and we have ambitious goals. Working in our favor is the fact that we have innovative ideas, exciting products and highly-motivated staff, and that’s why I...


ROCCAT™ Kone Pure Color Available Now

  Limited edition mouse celebrating five-year anniversary of multi-award-winning Kone series available in stores now   Hamburg, 28 – May 2013 – ROCCAT today announces the availability of the Inferno Orange, Polar Blue and Hellfire Red variations of the limited edition Kone Pure Color. Like the original Kone Pure, the Color edition features a high-end 8,200 DPI Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor and high quality Omron® switches. With features like Easy-Shift[+]™, Easy-Aim and ROCCAT Talk®, the Kone Pure Color is a powerful weapon in the hands of gamers fighting for point-streaks, lanes and bases. It is one of a series of limited edition products that will be released over the course of 2013, which marks the “Year of the Kone” – celebrating the five-year anniversary of the Kone series. The Phantom White variation of the mouse will be released later in the year, as well as other limited edition products. ROCCAT Kone – Evolution of a Gaming Mouse   The original Kone was the first product ROCCAT™ developed in 2008. CEO and Founder René Korte, reminisces about the beginning days of ROCCAT™: “Early on, I was involved in the professional gaming scene. So, I was aware of the many professional players who were dissatisfied with their gaming devices. Since then our overall mission has been to build high-quality peripherals that satisfy the needs of all ambitious gamers.” 5 years later, known for its powerful performance, the Kone series is one of the most suc...


Roccat Hiro Gaming Mousepad

We recently reviewed a few products by ROCCAT, and now we're back again with another product, the Hiro. The Hiro is a vulcanized silicone gaming surface made for the gaming enthusiast in mind. It is built for speed and fast response time. The 3D vulcanized silicone surface is intended to give you smooth precise movements with your mouse for more control over your gameplay. Roccats Hiro sports a large surface area of 350x250x2.5mm giving the user plenty of room to move freely without worrying about slipping off the pad. With the rounded and smooth edges on the Hiro as well as its power-bonded construction between the surface layers, there will be no need to worry about frayed edges, this baby was made to take the abuse. The covert-tech surface allows for quiet gameplay; no more hearing your mouse tink against a metal surface. The surface is also coated with a protective coating making the Hiro water resistant and easy to clean. The Hiro also features a shock absorbing non-slip base providing a firm grip to most surfaces. The Hiro has a pretty hefty price tag, coming in at $49.99. Will the Hiro be able to impress us?

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