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Phanteks Catch-Up: Enthoo Pro TG, Halos Lux Fan Frames, Glacier Reservoirs

Phanteks is a PC builder’s, pun intended, wet dream when it comes to computer cases. They represent quality, elegance, and amazing support for custom cooling loops. Last month, they announced quite a few products and I feel like you might want a heads up of what’s to come. Not only do we have a glass version of the Enthoo Pro case, but we also have RGB fan rings and innovative reservoirs. Tempered glass is almost a necessity for a case that’s as amazing as the Enthoo Pro series. Phanteks also has a special edition that gives you an extra fan and two of their RGB fan frames. The only issue I have is the lack of a hinge/latch system for the glass panels, which I feel is a necessary extra step for this caliber of case. Going back to the fan frames though, the Halos Lux are compatible with motherboard RGB headers so you can integrate the lighting with the rest of your system. This also allows RGB to be completely optional and match it to high performing case/radiator fans. Finally, the Glacier series reservoirs come in two sizes and integrate two fairly unique features. The inclusion of a heatsink to help mitigate heat retention is a cool concept, but may not add much to performance in practical use. The fan bracket however, is a great addition that makes installing the reservoir easy in just about any type of case. Check out the gallery below and you’ll get a good look at everything Phanteks released recently. You can also follow the links to see the f...

Enermax NEOChanger RGB Reservoir and Pump Combo Review

Introduction This was it. The moment I’ve been waiting for from the first day I joined PureOC. I took the res out of the box, grabbed a fitting, and gently screwed it into the port…..OH MY GOODNESS! That was my last moment to turn back and be a normal computer user. From this moment on, I can only imagine making even better custom cooling loops in the future. The look of a new XSPC fitting inside the Enermax NEOChanger brought new levels of joy that reminded me of my very first PC build, then I bent the edges of the next fitting by screwing it in a bit too tightly and knew that the experience was just like my first computer build. Enough about me, though. Let’s get into this beautiful looking piece of hardware from Enermax. I think their designers have pointedly found pieces of hardware that don’t represent RGB LED enough and decided to fix the problem themselves. I absolutely love them for this! Here at PureOC, it started with the NEOllusion and continues today with the NEOChanger. How will Enermax fair in the custom cooling arena? We’ll find out right after a brief word about the company. Lepatek Corporation an ENERMAX Company is an exclusive authorized supplier for ENERMAX and LEPA brand products for both North America and South America. Lepatek Corporation strives to provide only high quality products within the Computer Hardware & Components and Consumer Electronics market. Both manufacturers specialize in high-end computer componen...

Enermax’s Awesome RGB Reservoirs are Here! The NEOChanger

I was completely taken off guard by Enermax/Lepa when I visited their booth in January. They had some great looking products, yet it felt like there wasn’t enough people taking notice. My feelings on the subject could be completely off, but it isn’t going to stop me from showing off more releases I think many builders would be interested in. It looks like the Enermax NEOChanger Reservoir and Pump kits are about to release and while I may be one of the few writers that gets excited about everything RGB, I’m really excited about the lighting on these units. There’s much more going on with these units than a simple RGB lighting effect. For starters, the RGB cycles can be controlled separately by an included remote if you need stand alone lighting control. However, the lighting can also sync with your motherboard’s if it has a 4-pin RGB header. The best part though is the flow rating on that pump. At 900 L/h, these seem like extremely capable units for a custom loop with multiple components. Top it all off with an RPM meter and it looks like a great offering from Enermax. Performance is a primary concern for many of us, but I still feel like RGB lighting is a great addition to any great part. Surely I’m not the only one who ends up staring at color cycle effects for minutes at at a time! Check out the rest of the press release below for more details and specifications. Stay tuned at PureOC because we plan to have a more detailed look at the ...

XSPC DDC Photon 170 Reservoir/Pump Combo – Review

XSPC has been known to bring attractive product to the market usually at an equally attractive price tag. These two factors have made them very popular over the last few years. Radiators, reservoirs, tubing and fittings all were released with a good amount of fanfare. None of those came close to the buzz created by the Photon D5 combo. The sturdy glass Photon was already an instant success and combining it with a strong D5 pump sent a strong message to everyone: XSPC has great minds at work. The sticking point was the overall size left some out in the cold wishing for a combo setup that could fit in the smaller chassis. Ok folks, we are here today to finally silence those that have been complaining, wishing or requesting loudly to XSPC after they released the combo Photon D5 Reservoir . You got your wish! XSPC decided to follow up the incredibly popular Photon D5 with a sought after DDC version. This will make many people happy, including me as I have been working on a lot of small systems lately. The smaller size, good head pressure and sturdy stain resistant glass has me excited to see what it can do and how well it can fit into a beloved small form factor case. Let us get started then.


Primochill Wet Bench

Introduction Test benches are all the rage these days. People aren’t just using them for testing anymore – they’re actually using them to build daily use PC rigs. Don’t get me wrong, a majority of bench users (like myself) still use them for their intended purpose – hardware testing. Benches make it easy and fast to swap out components giving them the edge over traditional cases. Their open-air looks however have drawn in the modding crowd as of late, with people modding production benches and also plenty of bench-style scratch builds. Primochill recently got into the test bench market and their first offering – the Wet Bench – caters to both traditional hardware testers and daily users alike. They were kind enough to send us one to check out so let’s take a look!     About Primochill “Family owned and family ran bleeding edge water cooling company based in Rio Rancho, NM USA. Website http://www.primochill.com/ We have been a part of the water cooling and case modification industry since 2001, since than our product line has continued to grow into the most unique and most copied hand down. With our main focus being on fluids, dyes, tubing and anything else that has to do with the fluid in your cooling loop. Some of our earliest accolades were centered around our “Pre-Built” watercooling cases which the likes had not been or even seen since.” – Primochill Let’s unbox the wet bench and chec...


Primochill – 240mm CTR Reservoir

Personal computers have taken a big leap since the Pentium 4’s era. We no longer have beige enclosures, mismatched colored motherboards, bare-galvanized PSUs without sleeved cables...etc. Today’s computer modders and builders not only want performance and reliability but also aesthetics. Strategically selected components and color schemes are important for the build. From the enclosures down to the wires, everything has to be cosmetic. Some even spend countless hours sleeving every single wire in the system. Computer components have been gradually becoming more efficient and cooler running. In fact,air coolers have improved in design so much they’re getting almost as efficient AIO water coolers, yet they cost much less. However, on the other hand, DIY water cooling is undergoing a renaissance. Colorful boutique designs are back in fashion. To meet the demand, Primochill released its new Compression Tube Reservoir lineup and the Intensifier Liquid Dyes. Primochill has built a reputation by making solid Primoflex LRT tubing. Their the new product lines have grown, adding to Primochill’s portfolio. This brings us today’s article. Today on the test-bench we have the Primochill 240mm CTR reservoir, sporting various fluorescent colors and UV actives. It makes a perfect option for modders and water cooling enthusiasts who also want to dress up their system.


XSPC D5 Dual Bay Reservoir

Could this be a reservoir that helps you ease up the tubing cluster without breaking the bank? Click through to find out.

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