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CM Storm Recon Gaming Mouse

Anyone who games knows how crucial it is to have great peripherals to give you the edge over your competitors. The gaming accessory market has exploded the last few years with tons of mice, mouse pads (or gaming surfaces as the're now known) and more, showing up everywhere you look. Sure, your shiny new 6-core CPU and top-level graphics card will handle the output end of things. But what about the input side of it? All that hardware does you no good when gaming with a $10 wally-world mouse and a dollar-store mouse pad. Enter CM Storm and their wide range of gaming peripherals. They were kind enough to send me over a Recon mouse, Skorpion mouse bungee and a Control-RX gaming surface to play with, and for this first review we'll be looking at the Recon Gaming mouse. Let's get to it!

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