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Super Talent Launches its Next Generation of PCIe SSDs, The RAIDDrive II Plus

Introduction In San Jose, California on February¬†17 , 2014 Super Talent Technology, announced its RAIDDrive II Plus PCIe SSD! The RAIDDrive II Plus is the next generation of PCIe SSDs developed by Super Talent. It delivers top of the line read/write speeds of up to 2600/3200 MB/s with the PCIe Gen.2 x8 lane host interface and utilizes a 1GB onboard DDR2 SDRAM cache with ECC protection. The RAIDDrive II Plus houses eight discrete SATA SSDs and comes in a custom form factor measuring 231.5 x 94.0 x 20.6 mm.   Capacity Part Number RAID 0 Part Number RAID 5 480 GB FP8480L4R0 FP8420L4R5 1 TB FP81T0L4R0 FP8840L4R5 2 TB (1.6TB RAID 5) FP82T0L4R0 FP81T6L4R5   The architecture of theRAIDDrive II Plus also provides a redundant flash image for adapter availability as well as NVRAM for RAID configurations and a transaction log. There is a system status indicator through a global HDD activity/fault connector, an alarm buzzer, SMTP support for email notifications, and SNMP support for remote management. Specifications Interface PCIe x8 Controller: Form Factor: PCIe (Gen2) Capacities: 480GB – 2TB NAND Flash: MLC Performance: (Access Time) 0.1ms Burst Speed: Read/Write (MB/sec) 2600/3200 RAID Function: 0/5 RAID Cache Size: 1GB Number of Port: 8 port Battery Backup: No (Optional) MTBF: >1,500,000 hrs Dimension: (mm) 231.5 x 94.0 x 20.6 Part Number: FP8xxxxxxx Data Sheet: RAIDDrive II Plus More information about the RAIDDrive II Plus can be found here. About Super Talent...

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