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PNY Announces New Line of ThinkSafe Portable Laptop Locking Systems

PNY Technologies, Inc. (“PNY”) today announced the launch of a new line of ThinkSafe Portable Laptop Locking Systems — specifically engineered with patented technology to work with Laptops, Ultrabooks, and MacBooks. Designed for personal and business use to keep your device secured while in public locations, from dorm rooms and offices to tradeshows and display rooms, PNY offers a convenient and discrete locking solution for your laptop devices. The PNY ThinkSafe family of products includes the Laptop Locking System, the MacBook Locking System, and the Security Clamp. The Laptop Locking System — designed to be universal — was engineered to work with Laptops, Ultrabooks, and MacBooks. The MacBook Locking System — designed to work with Apple products — was engineered to work with the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac. The ThinkSafe Portable Security Clamp provides a secure anchor point for your Laptop, Ultrabook, or MacBook, complements both of the PNY Locking Systems and also works with most cable locking systems in the market today. Patented Hinge-Link technology, utilizing a hinge-locking design, is the fundamental security feature that makes PNY ThinkSafe Locking Systems one-of-a-kind. With four distinct custom-shaped Hinge-Links, constructed of hardened stainless steel and based on a device’s varying hinge configuration, PNY offers a simple solution that is extremely secure and versatile. Each one uniquely fits through th...

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