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Ozone Gaming: Giants e-sport Video

  Here you can see how a e-sport Team called Giants becomes one of the best LOL players in the world. Now, they are living in a Gaming House in Cologne, Germany, where they are training hard in order to be the winners, in order to be the best.

Ozone Gaming launch its new keyboard: BLADE

The Ozone Strike Keyboard it´s not alone anymore in the Ozone´s keyboard family. His new brother, the Blade Keyboard, is available now.  Attending to the motto “It´s all about evolution”, Ozone Gaming Gear has walked another step in the keyboards world, another evolution compatible with PC Win98SE/Me/2000/XP/VISTA/WIN 7/8. The European brand get a smashing deal whit unbeatable gaming keyboard prices: Msrp 49.95€  Blade keyboard: Sharp as a knife!  Blade is the new addition to the Ozone´s keyboard family, designed to enhance gaming experience and bring the game to the top. A stylized and aggressive design with back-lighted keys combined with hot gaming features turns Ozone´s Blade in a complete gaming weapon sharp as a knife.  The 128 Kb on board memory together with the software included allow the user to fully customize the keyboard saving up to 50 different macros in 5 different profiles. And if you are tired of exiting the game accidentally by pressing the windows key, Blade´s game mode option will allow gamers to disable the windows key when you are in the middle of the action.  On the fly profile switch  Gamers can easily get a stunning look in the dark with the Blade´s back-lighted keys. Users are able to choose from the two available colors, red or blue, and adjust the light intensity to your needs on-the-fly. Blade´s profile management allows users to save up to 5 different profiles and change them on-the-fly and it´s possible to switch game or...

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