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Roccat INTO Street-Proof Messenger Bag

Roccat has released some very innovative gaming products. The Kone line of gaming mice and Ryos brand of keyboards are cherished by gamers worldwide. Roccat is now reaching out to mobile gamers with a line of stylish messenger bags to carry your gaming notebook in a safe manner. Often the messenger bags available to gamers are bland, industrial and business oriented. The Roccat INTO Street-Proof messenger bag is looking to offer the space to carry the largest of gaming notebooks along with all of your accessories and look good doing it. Let’s learn a little more about Roccat before we get further in this review of the INTO Messenger bag.


ECBC Poseidon Messenger

ECBC, the company that makes the Spear has blessed us yet again with something from its wide ranging portfolio. The Poseidon Messenger, a compact bag made for 13” or smaller laptops and most tablets. The Poseidon is part of ECBCs Kondra (K7) line of products.

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