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Roccat Hiro Gaming Mousepad

We recently reviewed a few products by ROCCAT, and now we're back again with another product, the Hiro. The Hiro is a vulcanized silicone gaming surface made for the gaming enthusiast in mind. It is built for speed and fast response time. The 3D vulcanized silicone surface is intended to give you smooth precise movements with your mouse for more control over your gameplay. Roccats Hiro sports a large surface area of 350x250x2.5mm giving the user plenty of room to move freely without worrying about slipping off the pad. With the rounded and smooth edges on the Hiro as well as its power-bonded construction between the surface layers, there will be no need to worry about frayed edges, this baby was made to take the abuse. The covert-tech surface allows for quiet gameplay; no more hearing your mouse tink against a metal surface. The surface is also coated with a protective coating making the Hiro water resistant and easy to clean. The Hiro also features a shock absorbing non-slip base providing a firm grip to most surfaces. The Hiro has a pretty hefty price tag, coming in at $49.99. Will the Hiro be able to impress us?


In-Win Rocker Mat

When I think of In-Win the first thing that pops into my mind are PC cases and power supplies, not mouse pads. That will all change in today's review. We will be looking into In-Win's newest edition to their line-up, the Rocker Mat. The mat itself is made from an all aluminum design, with a large surface area of 9' x 12' covered by In-Win's new nano coating. The Rocker Mat sample we received is orange, but if orange is not your color don't worry, the Rocker Mat comes in a variety of 6 colors; blue, purple, red, yellow, pink and orange. In-Win's Rocker Mat comes with a $39.99 price tag. Will this Mat be worthy of the price? We will find out later in our review.

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