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KYE Systems Reveals Two New Robotic Vacuum Cleaners under New Brand – AGAMA

October 9, 2012, Chino, California – AGAMA, a brand of KYE Systems, today announces two new robotic vacuum cleaners, AiBOT RC530A and RC330A. Both these AGAMA AiBOT vacuum cleaning robots help to keep your home or office clean while you work and play. The AGAMA AiBOT RC530A and RX330A require very limit input from users to keep their carpet, linoleum, tile, and wood floors immaculate. The RC530A with a built-in easy-to-use cleaning schedule program can be set to clean at the most opportune times of the day. When low on power, the intelligent RC530A AiBOT will automatically return to its included recharging station for a recharge. The more economical AGAMA RC330A will continuously clean for up to 60 minutes – identical to the RC530A, but when it does need a recharge, the automatic cut-off attribute and battery light will indicate when it needs to be plugged in. Both the AiBOT RC530A and the RC330A avoid furniture, walls, and drop-offs thanks to their anti-touch and anti-cliff sensors. However, even if the RC330A or RC530A do happen to graze obstructions the protective bumper ensures no scratches or marks. The AGAMA AiBOT RC530A and RC330A both several cleaning selection options for a thorough clean no matter the room layout: along-the-wall, spiral, and random. The RC530A has an additional zigzag cleaning pattern. These AGAMA robotic vacuum cleaners consume only 15~20 Watts and are extremely lightweight at about 4 pounds. With the large dust collection capacity of up to ...

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