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NZXT Kraken X31-X41-X61 AIO Water Cooler Roundup

AIO (all in one) liquid cooling units continue to gain popularity due mostly to the cheaper cost to performance ratio, as well as their leak-proof and low maintenance design. If we look back a mere 2 years ago, liquid AIO cooling units were few and far between, and only a few manufacturers offered this type of cooling solution. Today we find a lot of AIO units flooding the market, and as you may already know, selecting the right one can be a hard choice with so many different styles and types readily available. I am very excited today, because I will be putting three new units on my test bench from NZXT. The NZXT KRAKEN X31, X41 and, Kraken X61 AIO coolers. These three closed-loop liquid coolers are follow-up products to the Kraken X30 X40 and Kraken X60 that were reviewed last year. The NZXT X31 X41 and X61 have kept their same 120mm, 140mm, & 280mm respective CLC design; however, they now come with some new additions in the form of variable pump speed control, increased radiator thickness, and Cam software. Before I continue, let me tell you a bit about NZXT.

NZXT Releases the Kraken X41/x61 and the Grid+

How do you make a great product better? Sometimes companies can redesign a product to squeeze every ounce of performance out of a design, release an updated model, then call it good. Or, a company can simply add a feature that makes an already great product even better. That’s exactly what we have today because NZXT just announced the release of the Kraken X41, x61 and the Grid+ that are all compatible with their new CAM software. As an enthusiast, nothing excites me more than writing about CPU cooling. This makes the release of new AIO coolers from NZXT all the more exciting, especially since the Kraken x60 had such a huge reputation. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any huge design changes with either loop. You still have a 140mm and 280mm rad with what looks to be the same power pump. On the other hand, NZXT did make some minor improvements that sound pretty good. The pump now has integrated speed control allowing the user to easily tone down the RPMs for quieter operation. This is great since controlling pump speed off a fan header isn’t the best and this can save a valuable connection on the fan controller. They also improved the fans to give a little better air flow but only the reviews will prove if these fans have better static pressure for the radiator. Combine all these features with the ability to control and monitor everything through the new CAM software and what you have is a system that you can monitor from anywhere anytime if you wa...

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