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iTwin SecureBox – Your Key to Secure Cloud Storage

iTwin SecureBox provides hardware-key based security for Dropbox™ Singapore / Boston – October 16, 2012 – iTwin – the company that created the iTwin ‘remote file access’ device – releases iTwin SecureBox, bringing hardware-key based security to Dropbox™. Now, even the most privacy-conscious users can rest assured about putting their sensitive data in the Cloud. Cloud storage is a great way to access data on-the-go. However people are concerned about the security of their data once it leaves their computer. iTwin SecureBox has been created to solve this problem. Key benefits of iTwin SecureBox include: Drag & Drop Simplicity: iTwin SecureBox automatically encrypts files dragged into the SecureBox folder and seamlessly integrates with Dropbox™, requiring no extra steps. Plug & Play Operation: Plugging iTwin into a computer automatically decrypts and presents the files that had been encrypted using iTwin SecureBox. 2-Factor Authentication: Hardware key plus an optional password. Hardware-Based Security: AES 256-bit encryption, in AES-GCM* mode, with the encryption-keys residing only on the iTwin devices. The encrypted files will appear as gibberish to anyone who does not have the physical iTwin device that was used to encrypt. Even the filenames are obfuscated. “With iTwin SecureBox, users can store sensitive data in the Cloud without fear,” says Lux, CEO of iTwin. “They will get the best of both worlds: the convenience of the Cloud and...

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