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A Season’s Thought from Pureoverclock

The holidays have become a very controversial time in the past years. We deal with shrugging off Santa Claus because he isn’t real, we watch schisms being formed because of hotly contested religious themes and complain about how consumerism has ruined Christmas. Amidst the misery that becomes the holidays, many of us can sit around just waiting for it to be over. Maybe we would be better off without the holidays? I’ve heard a lot of negativity this time of year. Everyone seems too busy. Everyone seems to be annoyed about one thing or another being pushed down their throat. Everyone seems to be financially strapped. I look around and I have nothing but pity for those who have so many problems to go through during this time of year. I began thinking about everything I’ve ran across this season and I felt a well of depression. What happened to the days of old, when I was a child, when this time of year was happy and magical? As I thought on it more, I began to realize that the problem was not so much with the world around me, but with the heart inside of me. Since I have small spheres of influence and can only do so much as one person, I felt the least I could do is try and bring some encouragement to my friends at Pureoverclock. Why do we believe in Santa Claus? I don’t expect you to believe in a jolly fat man that lives in the North Pole, but I do believe in the ideal of bringing a better life to those unfortunate souls who can not bring one to th...

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