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Phanteks Catch-Up: Enthoo Pro TG, Halos Lux Fan Frames, Glacier Reservoirs

Phanteks is a PC builder’s, pun intended, wet dream when it comes to computer cases. They represent quality, elegance, and amazing support for custom cooling loops. Last month, they announced quite a few products and I feel like you might want a heads up of what’s to come. Not only do we have a glass version of the Enthoo Pro case, but we also have RGB fan rings and innovative reservoirs. Tempered glass is almost a necessity for a case that’s as amazing as the Enthoo Pro series. Phanteks also has a special edition that gives you an extra fan and two of their RGB fan frames. The only issue I have is the lack of a hinge/latch system for the glass panels, which I feel is a necessary extra step for this caliber of case. Going back to the fan frames though, the Halos Lux are compatible with motherboard RGB headers so you can integrate the lighting with the rest of your system. This also allows RGB to be completely optional and match it to high performing case/radiator fans. Finally, the Glacier series reservoirs come in two sizes and integrate two fairly unique features. The inclusion of a heatsink to help mitigate heat retention is a cool concept, but may not add much to performance in practical use. The fan bracket however, is a great addition that makes installing the reservoir easy in just about any type of case. Check out the gallery below and you’ll get a good look at everything Phanteks released recently. You can also follow the links to see the f...

Phanteks Announces the new Glacier C350a CPU Water block for AMD Platforms

This is what I love about the component industry. You can never see it all and something will always surprise you. For instance, I knew Phanteks had gorgeous cases, but I was surprised to find out about their stunning CPU blocks as well. While they are fairly new, the Intel ones have been out for a few months now. Hey, at least I know about them now. Since the press release has all the details and beautiful images, check that out below. http://www.phanteks.com/PH-C350a.html (Click the image for larger sizes)

Cooler Master Glacer 240L AIO

As performance has increased, traditional cooling solutions have struggled to keep up. Engineers have made air coolers larger, and added more fans and heat pipes in an effort to keep CPU temperatures in check. This approach has only taken us so far in the quest for the ultimate cooling solution. The popularity of custom water cooling has been on the rise among the elite and hardcore gamers. Others find it too bothersome or worrisome to add liquids where we have been taught not to put them. Over the last two years there has been an explosion of middle ground solutions called All in One Liquid (AIO) Cooling or Sealed Loop Systems. These have allowed the better cooling of water without the maintenance or fears of a fully custom water cooling system. Cooler Master has been successful with their previous outings in the seal loop arena but now they want to tackle the last hurdle for all AIO’s; expandability. The Glacer 240L Liquid CPU cooler is meant to address all of your current needs and those you may have in the future. That is a tall order for any CPU cooler but Cooler Master feels the Glacer 240L is up to the task. We will find out soon if they are correct.

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