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Giada USA Announces Affordable Micro Server for Small Businesses and Home – GT200

Giada USA Announces Affordable Micro Server for Small Businesses and Home – GT200 2-Bay Dual Core Celeron Based Server features Low Power Consumption and Active Hardware Control for Reliability July 22, 2015, Brea, California – Giada Technology, a provider of Micro Servers, Mini-PCs and embedded motherboards, announces its new GT200 Micro Server entry level server for small businesses and homes. The GT200 is powered by a high-performing Intel®1037U dual-core processor with a TDP of just 17W. With 2 hot-swappable SATA 3.0 drive bays, an mSATA bootable SSD slot, dual Gigabit Ethernet, and Giada’s own Active Hardware Control technology, the GT200 packs enterprise features into a compact tower server less than 7 inches tall. “We priced the GT20 0 within reach of small businesses and designed it to use much less power than a typical rackmount or tower server. In our tests a GT200 fully loaded with 2 SATA drives, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and an mSATA SSD consumed less than 30W at 93% CPU utilization,” said Jessica Hsu, Giada USA Sales Director. “It’s perfect for American entrepreneurs seeking to maximize work per dollar.” Dual Core Performance at 17W TDP Featuring a Intel®1037U dual-core processor running at speeds up to 1.8GHz, the GT200 is able to handle application server workloads with just 17W TDP. The Celeron-based GT200 outperforms Atom servers yet uses much less energy than Xeon or Pentium based servers. Small businesses can cut energy costs with the GT200 w...

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