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TESORO Lobera Supreme Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you're a gamer you are most likely always looking for a gaming experience that not only gives you the highest quality picture, but also outstanding performance to go with it. At the top of your list is a high end video card and an audio experience that comes with a good set of cans as well. What is often over-looked but is of paramount importance is the mouse and keyboard. These input devices play a huge and important part of your gaming experience, as their performance will often determine whether you win or lose the game, or even find it fun at all. I remember my gaming experiences from years gone by, and what it was like with just a run of the mill keyboard. Technology advances of today are now capable of so much more. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the Tesoro Lobera Supreme mechanical gaming keyboard. The Tesoro Lobera comes in two versions, the Lobera Supreme, featuring Kailh mechanical gaming grade switches available in Blue, Black, Brown, and Red. Following in its footsteps is the Lobera mechanical-like membrane version. It uses special technology developed by Tesoro that improves the quality of a membrane keyboard, increasing its life-span and incorporating the touch feeling of the mechanical switch. As a quick history lesson, The Lobera was the famous sword of Saint Ferdinand III, aka “The Wolf Slayer. " He was known as an exemplary knight from the 13th Century. Through vigorous efforts he united the Kingdom of Castile and Leon. The Lobera was hi...


Gigabyte FORCE K7 Stealth Gaming Keyboard

Most gaming keyboards use mechanical switches that couple each key to its own spring loaded switch. They are primarily designed to provide excellent tactile feedback. The majority of these switches use mechanisms from Cherry MX, and are identified by color (Black, Brown, Blue, and Red). Each color offers a slightly different design and is fine-tuned to provide a very specific feel while gaming or typing. Once in a while, you can still find some gaming keyboards that utilize silicone dome switches. These form little domes on a silicone membrane, and use the rubbery material as the switch resulting in a soft and silent feel. These switches often require a full press with each keystroke, slowing down the speed at which commands can be used. A variation of this is the scissor switch, which still uses a silicone membrane and dome switch, but comes in a slimmer profile and adds a stabilizing scissor mechanism beneath each key. Scissor switches are most commonly found on laptops, but a few low-profile keyboards can still be found for desktops and gaming. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a new arrival from Gigabyte, The FORCE K7 Stealth modeled after and the Stealth Fighter Jet. This particular offering comes to us with a low profile configuration and keys with a scissor switch and membrane combination. The scissor-key structure boasts ultra-quiet performance with its low profile, and quick short key presses. It also has a slim and solid body style. Read on to see w...

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