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Rosewill Cullinan Tempered Glass PC Case Review

Introduction It never ceases to amaze me what researching a Rosewill product name leads me to discover. It turns out the Cullinan Diamond is the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found. The name makes a ton of sense when you relate that to a case with three tempered glass panels. Shortly after, it dawned on me that the choice to use Cullen as the last name of the vampire family in Twilight might have a correlation as well. The brief moment of excitement was immediately followed by thoughts that I might have ruined the Cullinan name for myself! On the plus side, the name Cullinan has been around a lot longer than Twilight so I think we can forget about the latter correlation. Rosewill’s newer design is supposed to remind us of the beauty of a diamond and based on all the images I’ve seen leading to this point, I don’t believe there could be a more fitting name. We’ll be taking a thorough look at the case soon enough, but let’s take a moment to see Rosewill’s company values again. Rosewill’s mission is to consistently deliver reliable, high quality PC gaming, IT hardware and home products through leading innovation and long-lasting relationships. Rosewill Inc. was established in 2004, founded by manufacturing reliable, high-quality technology products. The first products under the Rosewill brand name included computer components such as computer cases, power supply units, keyboards, mice and cables. Over time, the product line str...

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